High-Quality Clear Span Structures

Clear span structures offer an event hosting solution that elevates your space and provides greater weather protection than traditional tents. With their strong structural components and comprehensive protection, these structures are ideal for everything from hosting large weddings to providing covered walkways from the driveway to an event center.

Together with Röder/AG, our team at Anchor Industries proudly offer the industry’s most comprehensive selection of clear span structures certified to meet current codes. This important achievement is accomplished through excellence in German design and engineering, combined with Anchor’s renowned US sales and engineering teams, lean manufacturing practices, as well as distribution and unparalleled service. The ultimate result of this collaborative dynamic is an impressive range of clear span structures delivering outstanding performance and unmatched value.

Structures for small gatherings and walkways

Our PZ (Party) Series is the ideal clear span structure for small parties, walkways, service tents at large events, and additional outside space for restaurants. These relatively small structures come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your event needs. The enhanced protection of a clear span structure makes it great for protecting catering at large events or diners in inclement weather.

Versatile and long-lasting

If you’re interested in expanding into the clear span structure market, the Venue Series is the obvious choice to start with. Our Venue Series clear span structures are ideal for both short-term and long-term usage, making them a great versatile early investment. Our larger Event Series is ideal for special events, parties, weddings, corporate functions, meetings, corporate hospitality rooms at sporting events, and adding space to the country club and resort facilities. The Event Series provides general all-purpose space, including storage and warehousing.

Commercial structures

Our Expo Series and H-Line Series are designed to handle your largest event, commercial, or storage needs and work well for long-term and short-term applications. Our Expo Series is ideal for special events, corporate hospitality, trade shows, warehousing, and sporting events. The H-Line Series provides even larger space for your largest event and storage needs, including production or assembly applications.

Long-term structures

If you’re in need of a long-term structure installation, our Solution Series is the answer. With expandable lengths, extremely customizable options, and incredible strength, you can turn to this series for long-term temporary space for storage, trade fairs, exhibitions, and more.

Two-story structures

If you want to expand your available square footage without increasing the footprint of your clear span structure, our Double Decker series is the answer. With the same modular components as our clear span tents, our double decker structures come in a wide range of sizes, wall materials, ceiling materials, and seating choices. You can choose the size and style that’s right for your application, offering you more space with a smaller footprint than our other options.

Accessories and options

All of our clear span structures come with a wide range of accessories and options so you can tailor the structure to your needs. We have single and double door units, hard and glass walls, a range of interior liners and frame draping options, custom design capabilities, and color choices for fabrics.

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