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Residential Awnings

Awnings: The Practical Way to Enhance Any Home

No patio space is complete without an awning. No older home is truly restored without an awning. Protect entrances and walkways from the elements and shield draperies and furnishings from fading in the harsh sunlight. Anchor house awnings add to the appearance and value of fine homes.

Anchor Awnings for Your Home

  • Add to the value of any home
  • Protect draperies and furnishings from fading
  • Create a shaded backyard paradise for your family
  • Shelter entrances and walkways
  • Customized canopies and marquees
  • Hundreds of beautiful fabrics to choose

Call the authorized Anchor Awning Expert nearest you today or call us toll free so that we may direct you. Insist on an Anchor Awning for quality and beauty that lasts.