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Fire Shelters

Experience speaks volumes when the product can save a life. 


Anchor Industries Inc. has been manufacturing government approved fire shelters for over 30 years. With specially designed manufacturing equipment, shelters are produced in large quantities with rapid turnaround. Government awards prove that Anchor fire shelters, tents and structures are an industry standard.                            

Fire Shelter (Regular) Complete

  • Size: Regular
  • Deployed size: Length: 86"; Height: 15-1/2"; Width: 31". 
  • This set includes: fire shelter, nylon duck carrying case and carrying case plastic liner. Forest Service Spec 5100-606B. New-generation fire shelter provides increased protection from radiant and convective heat in wildland firefighter entrapment situations. (NFES #0925)
  • Instructional DVD available upon request

Fire Shelter (Large) Complete

  • Size: Large
  • Deployed size: Length: 96"; Height: 19-1/2"; Width: 33".
  • Details: Large-size shelter designed for firefighters taller than 6'1" or whose girth exceeds 53" at any point. The larger fire shelter provides better protection for larger people by allowing less contact of the shelter material with the occupant's body and provides more air space between the shelter and occupant. The large fire shelter is easily identified by the orange deploy strap. Forest Service Spec 5100-606B. (NFES #0975)
  • Instructional DVD available upon request

Training/Practice Fire Shelter, Complete

Note: This item is not fire-resistant and should not be used as a fire shelter. (NFES #2678) Reusable practice fire shelter system for training in use of M-2002 fire shelter. Same size and dimensions as M-2002 fire shelter. Includes the carrying case, case liner, polyvinyl bag and practice shelter. Forest Service Spec 5100-611. Instructional DVD available.