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Tents & Fabric Structures

Have It All With Anchor Tents

Anchor Industries, Inc. specializes in manufacturing high-quality event tents and fabric structures for industry, business, residential, and recreational uses. As one of the industry leaders in the production of commercial tents and accessories, Anchor sets the bar for quality, design, and innovation.

Anchor's High Peak Tension Tents, or "Century®" tents are larger, engineered tents that have a high peak look and are a great option for any glamorous, more upscale event. With their elegant peaks, high ceilings and spacious interiors, the overall quality and visual appeal of a Century Tension Tent makes them well-suited for high-end parties, galas, weddings, private affairs and corporate events. 

If you are looking for spaciousness and flexibility, Anchor's Original Party® and Party® Mate pole tents present a sleek, eye-catching, elegant look while providing efficient coverage for extremely large areas at a much lower cost. One of the most functional and versatile outdoor tent products you will find, Party Pole Tents and canopies provide shade and shelter for weddings, trade shows, galas, golf events, festivals and any other outdoor event.

Unlike tension and pole tents, frame tents do not use center poles and therefore, have an open and airy feel with unobstructed views. They also allow for maximum use of the interior space and endless decorating opportunities. Anchor's  Fiesta frame tents work well for indoor and outdoor installations. Their versatility and size makes them perfect for 100 to 200-person events, catering operations, street fairs and sporting events.

Lastly, Temporary or Permanent Structures also known as "Clear Span Structures," are the ideal tent option for short-term or long-term large area coverage requirements with no pole restrictions.

Peruse our online inventory to familiarize yourself with Anchor Industries' product offerings and find a dealer near you.


Anchor Industries is always working to adapt and stay ahead of the curve in order to keep our customers happy. With our new Customer Focused Manufacturing we are able to offer you some of our most popular tents shipped to you in 1 week from the completed order date. View the official flyer to learn more about this offer. For a full list of qualified products please see this list (PDF) and also look for our Customer Focused Manufacturing 'EZ Pass' on our qualified product pages.