Uniquely designed for use in temporary fabric structures

RapidLite emits just the right amount of fluorescent light for military shelters.

RapidLite Features

  • 50-watt fluorescent light with “o” rings is water and dust tight
  • 50-watt lamp produces 4300 lumens of bright light
  • Thick-walled polycarbonate outer tube is virtually unbreakable
  • 16 ga. 3 conductor SJTOW cord with weather resistant plug and receptacle
  • Full length aluminum backbone provides structural integrity and ease of service
  • Thick end caps provide impact protection
  • On-Off switch is located inline on power input cord and operates each light separately
  • 48″ adjustable hanging straps included
  • Light fixture length i35″

RapidLite Case Features

  • Thick foam padding traps each light and protects the fixture
  • Handle at one end and wheels at opposite end allow for easy transport
  • Side handle simplifies carrying
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Water and dust resistant