Why Choose Anchor? The Anchor Value Proposition

A Competitive Edge

AESTHETICS AND QUALITY have made Anchor tents the standard for decades. Anchor brands such as Century® and Navi-Trac® are known as ‘top of the line’ and are the easy choice when event planners want the best.

Investment Protection & Higher Returns

QUALITY AND DURABILITY are the result of rugged engineering, expert craftsmanship and decades of experience. This combination allows Anchor to produce the longest lasting tents in the industry that continue to deliver revenue long after they have paid for themselves.

Flexibility & Security

SUPPORT AND SERVICE from the largest, most experienced team in the industry that consistently delivers ‘above and beyond,’ giving you flexibility to take on a wider range of events, while providing you and your customers with peace of mind.

Improved Methods & Higher Growth

EXPERTISE AND PARTNERSHIP developed through a long history and large customer base enable Anchor to be much more than just a ‘vendor.’ Anchor is a partner that can help you improve business practices and expand into new markets – whether you are just starting out or an industry leader.