Awning Canopy Design and Other Effective Ways to Increase Business Presence

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Just like your home, your business needs a strong curb appeal if you want to attract a large customer base. Whether you have recently moved to a new location, or if you’re not getting the kind of traffic you expect, there are simple and actionable ways to get more people through your door.

At Anchor Industries, we recognize the importance of curb appeal, which is why we produce custom awning canopy solutions for businesses.

Here are some unique methods we’ve seen our customers use over the years, all of which could help you to grow your presence.

Get Things Looking Crisp and Clean

Awning CanopyIf you’ve just moved into a new business location or if your existing location is looking run down, it’s time to get things looking crisp and clean. Later, we will look at how an awning canopy or walkway canopy can benefit you, but, if your building doesn’t look its best, then no number of add-ons will bring customers through your door.

Get the windows cleaned and evaluate your building exterior. Masonry may need pressure washing to get it looking attractive. Wooden siding may need fresh paint. If your building uses a modern siding material like aluminum or steel, have all sections inspected for wear and damage.

There could be some costs involved in getting your building looking great, but the outcome will be worth any investment you make. A business that looks attractive and well-maintained will always attract more customers than one that is run down.

Perform Daily Maintenance

In addition to performing major maintenance and possibly some light renovation, you should also aim to keep up with daily cleaning and maintenance.

Too many businesses fail to keep their curbside looking clean, and this can turn some customers away. Assign staff members to daily cleaning duties and have them sweep the storefront and remove any trash from the parking area. This daily routine can be completed in minutes and the results will be noticeable.

Ensure That Signage is Visible

Signage provides a number of key benefits to your business.

  • It helps people locate your business when following a map or directions from your website etc.
  • It helps people discover your business naturally.
  • It keeps your branding visible, helping to increase your consumer mindshare.

Signage should always be visible. You can invest in signage that goes directly on the building, as well as signage for awning canopy designs and walkways.

Street signage is also a good idea, particularly if you get a lot of foot traffic in your area. An a-frame style street sign can be put out daily to advertise your business.

Some companies make the mistake of limiting their signage, believing that a minimalist approach can get results.

35% of customers that engage with local businesses find out about companies by seeing them in passing. This means that more people rely on physical signage than word of mouth discovery, advertising, and internet marketing.

Your business needs to be seen to succeed, so always make sure that your signage is prominent.

Incorporate a Covered Entryway

Picture a classic New York hotel entryway and what do you see? There’s a finely dressed doorman to greet guests, a beautiful ornate front door, possibly a welcoming carpet, and of course the canopy walkway.

Of course, canopies aren’t exclusive to New York City, despite being immortalized in many films. No matter where you operate your business, a canopy walkway would be a great investment that helps you to stand out while also provide the function for your guests. A canopy will cover the footpath providing a sheltered drop-off point for your patrons. Whether you own a boutique clothing store, restaurant, or hotel, you’ll find a canopy to be appreciated by your guests.

In addition to providing convenience, investing in a walkway canopy will allow you extra space for promoting your company name and branding. For even more presence and curb appeal, you can match your walkway to your custom awning canopy design.

Invest in Custom Awning Canopy Design

A covered walkway is important, but don’t forget about your windows. Canopies on all your curb facing windows will provide several benefits for your business.

Custom awning canopy design will allow for:

  • Protection from direct sunlight, which could reduce cooling needs and keep your customers comfortable.
  • Exposure to rain, snow, dirt, etc. will be reduced, so you’ll spend less time cleaning your windows.
  • You can custom graphics and text to promote your business.
  • Every custom awning canopy from Anchor Industries comes in a range of colors so that you can get your branding just right.

With an awning canopy on every window, your business will stand out on a crowded street. Fabric canopies are much more affordable than solid-material structures like steel and aluminum etc. You’ll be able to save money while still enjoying all the benefits as well as a significant return on your investment.

The Advantages of Anchor Inc. Awning Canopy Products

Anchor Industries is one of America’s most trusted awning manufacturers. With more than a century of operational expertise, we can help you to find the perfect solutions for your business.

Whether you need a simple awning canopy for a window or entryway, or larger custom solutions for seating areas and more, our engineering and fabrication methods will ensure that the solution is perfect.

We also offer high-resolution graphics services, allowing you to incorporate any necessary signage and branding into your finished products. Our graphics are UV-stable to ensure they keep looking great in the years to come.

Branding is incredibly important for every business. Even in the digital age, physical signage and branding matters. For awning canopy design that sets you apart from the competition, talk to the experts at anchor today.