EZ Connect Frame System

Awnings Just Got Smarter

The EZ Connect Frame System is Anchor’s newest innovation in square awning frames. EZ Connect features a unique aluminum sub-frame design that ships in partially assembled sections to lower shipping costs, reduce storage requirements, and faster, easier, and safer install at job site.

Retail stores, office buildings, and restaurants are a perfect niche for EZ Connect Awnings. Due to their all-around simplicity and adaptability, they can be used in the box-style or blade-style configurations that are very popular with today’s contemporary esthetic. Additionally, EZ Connect Awnings accept logos, graphics and lettering; all while costing less than heavy, clunky awnings.

Why EZ Connect?

On average, EZ Connect saves 14% – 53% in freight costs. (Savings are based on delivery destination.) There’s no more risking worker injury or damaging the product by trying to install one giant, heavy frame. EZ Connect installs simply and easily in sections, resulting in a safer and faster installation – without all the equipment. Great for residential and commercial applications.