Camp Tents by Tent City

Pete Mogavero, CEO at Anchor Industries, is delighted to announce that Tent City Canvas House in Fresno, California, has acquired the Camp Tent Product Line. Tent City Canvas House has been manufacturing awnings, tarps and specialty fabric products since 1958 and started manufacturing and selling camp tents almost five years ago. Owner Raj Sharma knows the camping industry and has been supplying tents to outdoor enthusiast organizations and campgrounds like Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks for years.

The decision by Anchor Industries to transition the Camp Tent Product Line to Tent City is consistent with Anchor’s strategic focus and lean journey, which is concentrating our core competencies to deliver high quality products and service excellence in more narrowly defined markets. We are confident that Tent City Canvas House will continue to provide excellent service and quality products.

All Camp Tent Product Line equipment, inventory and information, including customer specifications, have been transferred to Tent City Canvas House, and new orders can be placed now with Tent City by calling or emailing them at:

Tent City Canvas House
3328 North Duke Avenue
Fresno, CA 93727

Phone:(559) 292-1221
Fax:(559) 292-8745


All of us at Anchor Industries are thankful for the relationships we have developed with our camp tent customers and want to ensure a seamless transition in the coming weeks. Dan Seeber, sales representative at Anchor Industries, is available to answer questions or address any concerns you may have. He can be reached at 812-867-4630, or via email at