Expo Series

Expo Series | Profile Size: 250mm x 120mm

Only product in its class certified to ASCE 7-10 on 4M uprights!

The next step up from the Event Series is the Expo Series. The popular Anchor/Röder Structures Expo Series is a great option when large structures are needed for special events, corporate hospitality, and sporting events. Commercial applications, trade shows, corporate meetings, and warehousing are all easily covered by the Expo Series. This category includes Double Decker tents for sporting events and special applications where space requirements and/or viewing opportunities are crucial.


  • Spliced Rafters
  • Anodized 4-channel aluminum
  • Bay spacing – 5M (16’5″)
  • 3M and 4M uprights available
  • Complete hardware and cable assembly
  • Fabric panels are constructed of 25 oz. vinyl coated Ferrari 702
  • Solid, cathedral window, and clear vinyl walls
  • Keder trac roof fabric

Standard Widths:

  • 20M | Certified to ASCE 7-10
  • 30M | Certified to ASCE 7-10

Accessory Options:

  • Single and Double-Door Units
  • Hardwalls
  • Glass Windows
  • Compatible with Industry Flooring Systems
  • Interior Liners and Frame Draping
  • Full Graphics Services
  • Custom Design Capabilities
  • 2-Story Buildings