Commercial Umbrellas and the Importance of Shade Structures

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If your business is lacking functional shade for the hottest hours of the day, you’re putting your customers at risk and potentially losing some of your markets.

There’s a lot to consider when you get started with choosing commercial umbrellas or other structures. You need to determine your needs and the reasons for purchasing shade structures. You’ll have to think about aesthetic as well as functionality. Achieving the right balance will offer protection from the sun in addition to making your business more attractive.

Commercial umbrellas are a significant investment. Your decision needs to be well informed. Before you invest, consider the following points and advantages of permanent and temporary shade structures.

Why is Commercial Shade so Important?

The easiest way to illustrate the importance of shade is to think about the scenarios where it could be used. You could own a restaurant, café, swimming resort, or even an office building, and there would be a need for shade in every scenario.

The following examples aren’t an extensive list, but you will get an idea of how commercial umbrellas and other shade solutions are used today.

  • Restaurants and cafés with outdoor seating can use shade to provide comfort and protection for guests.
  • Swimming resorts can create outdoor seating and leisure areas with large commercial umbrellas.
  • Hotels can use umbrellas poolside, as well as throughout outdoor areas to provide comfortable seating and dining options.
  • Even businesses outside of the hospitality and service industries can use permanent umbrellas and other structures. Office buildings can use the shade in courtyards to offer staff cool and comfortable spaces to take a break.
  • Parks, schools, and sports grounds can make extensive use of shade for seating areas.

Comfort is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about commercial umbrellas and shade structures. However, comfort is only a side effect of the key benefit. The true reason to invest in the shade is to offer protection from harsh sunlight.

In the United States, one out of every five people will develop skin cancer by the time they turn 70. Sunburn and prolonged exposure to the sun can double the risk of developing melanoma.

The diagnosis rates are distressing. 9,500 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer daily. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, two people die of the disease every hour. There are more skin cancer diagnoses in the United States than any other form of the disease. It’s a major health problem, but it can be mitigated in many cases.

Because sunburn and prolonged exposure to UV radiation cause skin cancer, it’s important that shade is readily available in public spaces and at businesses. With shade provided by commercial umbrellas, you’ll do more than just offer comfort. You could help to reduce the skin cancer risk for every customer.

Choosing from Commercial Umbrellas and Other Structures

There’s no single ‘best’ solution when it comes to shade structures. In some cases, a commercial umbrella for resorts will be the best idea. In others, an awning could be more appropriate.

Take a look at the different types of shade that are available and think about how they might be applicable to your business.

  • Commercial Umbrellas: Ideal for many businesses, umbrellas are perfect for large open spaces where guests are likely to spend a significant amount of time. Examples include swimming pools, beach fronts, and picnic areas.

The best umbrellas, like those designed at Anchor Industries, are made to be stable around pools were chemically treated water could damage the materials. They are also designed to filter out UV radiation so that people can spend the entire day outdoors, without the risk of burns, heatstroke, and general discomfort.

There are retractable and non-retractable options available. Secluded areas where the wind is unlikely could be best served by non-retractable models like the FUNbrella® Palm. Areas, where the wind is likely, can use retractable designs that are easier to pack down and store. The Funbrella® Classic is a great option.

  • Commercial Awnings and Canopies: If your business needs interior shade around large sun-facing windows, commercial awnings will be your best option. Awnings serve a few different purposes. They provide an attractive aesthetic that could increase the appeal of your business. They can be color customized or even branded with your logo or messaging. They keep the rain off windows, which will reduce your cleaning needs. They also provide shade, which means you can move to seat right up to the window side without inconveniencing guests.
  • Freestanding Shade Structures: Beyond umbrellas and canopies, your business could choose to invest in standalone shade structures. With a permanent steel frame, a shade structure can meet the ASCE 7-10 specification to withstand 3-second wind gusts at up to 115 miles per hour. Large commercial shade structures meet international building codes and feature low profile roofing so that they look great in any setting.

Consider the PerfectShade® shade structure as a great example for commercial or private use. It’s suitable for office parks, public parks, sports grounds, playgrounds, hotels, large outdoor restaurants and cafes, and anywhere else that you need all-day protection from sun and wind.

Choose Anchor Industries When You Need Commercial Umbrellas or Shade Structures

With more than 100 years of operational experience, Anchor Industries is one of America’s leading commercial umbrella manufacturers. Almost half of our workforce has over two decades of experience in the industry, allowing us to maintain the quality and craftsmanship that we are renowned for.

We design and manufacture tents, umbrellas, shade structures, and other vinyl/fabric products. We can help you to find the perfect shade solution no matter the size of your business or the nature of the installation.

Shade protects your guests. It can improve comfort and make your business more appealing. With the right choice, you can even use shade to beautify your property and increase brand penetration.

Browse our options today and make a long-term investment that will provide daily returns.