Custom Graphics for Anchor Industries Tents and Awning Canopies

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A custom awning canopy could transform the exterior of your business, making it more attractive to increase your daily foot traffic. If your company regularly travels on the road to trade shows and other events, custom tents will be essential.

At Anchor Industries, we build long-lasting tents and canopies that can help you achieve your business goals. In addition to our innovative designs and industry-leading quality, we also offer graphics services.

If you want to have the biggest impact at your place of business or anywhere that your tents travel, custom graphics will be essential.

Here’s everything you need to know before you start designing.

Three Essential Steps for Standout Graphics on Anchor Industries Tents and Canopies

Adding a logo or custom images to tents and canopies is the final step in an important decision-making process. Anchor tents can make your company stand out, thanks to impressive designs and advanced features. Graphics add something extra on top, making your brand memorable.

There are some important steps you’ll need to follow when choosing graphics. Understanding these will make the process easier when you order tents and awnings for sale.

1: Use the Product Design as a Starting Point for Your Graphics

Anchor Industries TentsAnchor products are unique in both the tent industry and within our own extensive range. There’s a significant difference in terms of space for branding when you compare options like our pole tents and custom frame tents.

Before you can even decide on your graphic design, you’ll need to consider where the images will be displayed.

  • On pole tents images will typically go on the roof, creating an impressive display that will be most visible from a distance.
  • On frame tents, graphics can be printed on solid walls, allowing maximum exposure from all viewing distances.
  • For awning canopy products, your graphics can essentially cover the entire product, giving you maximum exposure.

You’ll need to consider the size of the tent and where you are likely to use it. For example, if you regularly display at trade shows where there are numerous exhibitors placed on lots, you will get more value from wall graphics than you will from designs on the roof. On the flip side, if you use your tent for sporting events where there’s likely open space around it, a rooftop graphic could make more sense.

Talk to us today and we can help you to determine the best placement for your graphics. Every situation is unique and requires a customized approach.

2: Hire a Professional for an Impactful Logo

In some cases, you may want to go for an understated logo on custom tents. If you offer tents for hire, then you may want your branding to be smaller and less conspicuous, particularly if your tent will be used for weddings.

If your tent or canopy is part of a wider marketing strategy, then you will want your graphics to be big, bold, and placed front and center.

Simply slapping a logo on your tent is not going to give you the exposure or impact that you need. That’s why it’s so important to hire a professional designer.

If you don’t already have a company logo, now is the time to invest in a design. A logo gives your brand something memorable. Clients can associate your service with the logo, and this can increase the mindshare that you command in your market. Shapes, colors, wording, and images are all important.

Hiring a designer might seem like an unnecessary cost now, but it’s actually a rewarding investment that will provide long-term returns.

3: Talk to Us When You’re Ready to Start Designing

Anchor Industries TentsWith your company logo designed and ready for reproduction, you can talk to the Anchor Industries graphics department to start designing for your tent or awning canopy. Our expert designers know how to make the best use of space on any surface, ensuring that the results are eye-catching and unforgettable.

If you have an in-house designer, then we will work with you to provide templates based on your custom tent or canopy. You can work within the provided dimensions to finalize the design, and we’ll put it to print so that you have it ready to go when you take your next tent out to set up.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the resources to complete the design alone. You can send us your company graphics and we’ll use them to create a printable design that suits your project.


When you work with Anchor Industries you are guaranteed to get high-quality lasting graphics that are digitally printed in crystal-clear resolution.

Custom printing can turn a tent or awning canopy, into a powerful marketing tool. Anchor Industries is the best company to call when you need branding and graphics for tents, umbrellas or canopies.