Tent Rental for Drive Thru COVID-19 Testing

Drive thru tent

Pole and frame tents can be used for a wide-range of events and semi-permanent locations. Recently, because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, pole and frame tents have been utilized by hospitals and healthcare facilities as COVID-19 testing sites. These tents provide a secondary location for coronavirus screening or to store medical equipment if the site is used for drive thru COVID-19 testing only.

If your hospital or healthcare facility is running out of room and you’re interested in drive thru COVID-19 testing tent rental contact Anchor Industries at 877-788-1247. We manufacture tents of all shapes and sizes. In this blog, the tent experts at Anchor Industries discuss the benefits of using a tent for any event or permanent location, including as a drive thru coronavirus testing site.

Benefits of Renting a Tent for COVID-19 Testing

Providing drive thru screening at a tented location in a health facility’s parking lot is convenient for people that need to be tested for COVID-19, and it also protects patients and hospital personnel inside the hospital from exposure to the virus.

Healthcare officials can choose to test patients inside the tent, or the tent can serve as a location to store medical equipment if it’s a drive thru only site. Pole and frame tents will also protect patients and medical staff, including doctors and nurses, from inclement weather.

Design and Special Features

Anchor Industries can provide a custom solution that meets your healthcare facility or hospital’s needs. Some tent makers order their products from overseas, reducing their costs and increasing their profits. Anchor Industries tents are designed in the United States and are produced in state-of-the-art facilities that we own and control. Customization is something that we can and do perform on a regular basis.

Flexible Solutions from a Top Tent Manufacturer

Anchor Industries has 128 years of experience designing and manufacturing quality tents. If you’re in need of a tent to use as a testing site for coronavirus, contact the experts at Anchor Inc. today at 877-788-1247.