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Make Your Event a Success

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, you’ll need a tent to protect food, shelter guests from sun and rain and visually elevate the landscape. Anchor has tents in a variety of styles and sizes that can accommodate any type of event.

An event under an Anchor tent will treat guests to comfort and style.

Features of All Anchor Tents 

  • Quality materials: Anchor Industries is one of the leading manufacturers for fabric and frame products in the United States.
  • Durable construction: More than 40% of Anchor craftsmen have at least 20 years of experience.
  • Weather resistance: Anchor tents are perfect if you need a backup plan for an outdoor party with a chance of rain.
  • Easy installation: All of our options have a very simple installation process, so renters can assemble themselves and quickly get back to the rest of their party preparations.

Tent Types to Choose From

Frame Tents

Frame tents don’t rely on staking for their structure and are therefore incredibly reliable and versatile. They don’t have center poles, resulting in an airy interior with lots of space.

The open nature of this option allows you to get creative with interior decorating and tailor the space to match your needs. Frame tents are also very durable. The tops are made from flame-retardant, mildew-resistant materials that are easy to keep clean.

These are perfect for setting up over concrete, pavement or decks.

Track Frame Tents

Track frame tents have similar benefits to frame tents and an even easier installation process. They also don’t rely on center poles and have lots of interior space.

The F3 model requires no tools or pins. It has an elegant appearance and an amazing value. The Navi-Trac Frame Tent system is incredibly stable while also being one of the easiest to install.

Track frame options are perfect for anyone who wants the installation process to be extremely simple and still feel confident that their tent is sturdy.

Tension Tents

Tension tents have incredible visual appeal with spacious interiors, elegant peaks and high ceilings.

These tents boast the patent-pending WeatherShield wall attachment, which keeps guests safe from wind and rain. However, this protection does not come at the cost of visual appeal. The gorgeous sailcloth fabric provides an upscale and classic visual.

Perfect for galas, weddings and other upscale events, tension tents are a truly glamorous option.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are one of the most popular options thanks to their versatility and simple installation process.

These tents are possibly the easiest to install, which makes them a great choice for do-it-yourself installation. Our canopies are made from 14-ounce block-out vinyl, providing a safe haven from sun or rain.

Pole tents are the ideal choice for company picnics, graduation parties, festivals and any other outdoor events.

Clear Span Structures

Clear span structures provide a high level of weather protection and are a beautiful addition to the visual landscape of your event.

We proudly offer a wide selection of clear span structures certified to meet current codes. We collaborate with Röder/AG to provide structures of unmatched value and performance.

Clear span structures are perfect for events such as weddings, corporate functions, sporting events and more. They also serve as great sheltered walkways between buildings.

Choose the Tent For Your Event Needs

  • Color options: Whether you’re hosting a casual birthday party or a more formal fundraiser, we have the best option for you. Choose from playful colors such as yellow and red or more classic shades of white.
  • Size options: For guest lists that are small, medium and large, we have tents of varying sizes to accommodate your event.

Let Anchor Help Your Next Event Shine

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, our versatile tents will be able to accommodate your needs.

The expertise of our designers is unparalleled. More than 40% of Anchor craftsmen have at least 20 years of experience. 

Our customer service team is an integral part of why our customers return to us year after year. You’ll feel confident in choosing Anchor after speaking to a member of our sales and service team.

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