Temporary Health Screening Tent Rentals

Semi permanent tent

Semi permanent tents can provide significant advantages for your next project. They’re cost-effective, and they offer flexibility for a variety of applications. Semi permanent tent structures are used for several reasons, including as disaster relief shelters and government facilities.

With the recent health crisis surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), semi permanent tents have also become popular additions to hospitals and healthcare facilities, which are looking to provide health screening tests for COVID-19. Tents located in parking lots of healthcare facilities allow patients to be properly tested without needing to admit them inside the hospital, where they can put hospital personnel and patients at risk of catching coronavirus.

Semi permanent tents can also be used as overflow areas for treating patients with COVID-19. When considering the purchase of a semi permanent tent, it’s important to identify some key attributes to look for. Finding a tent that satisfies the three requirements in this article will result in a product that is best suited to your needs in screening for COVID-19.

If you’re in need of additional space at your hospital or healthcare facility for coronavirus screening, contact Anchor Industries at 877-788-1247 for more information about our tent offerings.

What Makes Semi Permanent Tents a Good Choice for Hospitals?

Semi permanent medical tents are fabric structures that have been designed for use in place of traditional permanent buildings. These structures don’t require foundations for anchoring and offer significant cost savings.

Semi permanent tents can be modular in nature, offering extensive customization options that suit the needs of any unique project. These tents can also be purpose-built without customization options. The exact specifications will be dependent on the requirements provided by the hospital or healthcare facility.

Cost-effective and quick to deploy, semi permanent tents are the ideal alternative to expensive prefabricated or built-on-site structures. Some of the benefits of purchasing one of these unique tents, include:

1. Quality Exterior Construction Material that Can Withstand the Elements

Material is critical when choosing a tent of any size. Durable materials will ensure a long return on investment and is essential to protect patients, doctors, nurses and healthcare equipment. Materials can also be selected to provide a specific aesthetic. PVC coated polyester fabric is a popular choice for semi permanent tents in the United States.

2. Protection from UV Light and Energy-Efficient Features

A semi permanent installed tent will need to provide full protection from harsh UV light during the day. The UV light can lead to skin damage, and overexposure is a known precursor to cancer. Hospital tents can be produced with solid color materials that completely block light in the ultraviolet spectrum. Tents with opaque materials will be ideal for installations where UV exposure will be of concern. Opaque materials also help to provide privacy. This is particularly important for military operations and medical environments.

3. Customization Options that Offer Flexibility

Semi permanent hospital screening tents are used for specific applications where the requirements are unique to the buyer. In your own case, you could have several key requirements with no room for compromise. Semi permanent screening tents can be customized to suit your needs. Only the leading tent and awning manufacturer will be able to offer a true customization service.

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