Host Better Sporting Events with Clear Span Tents

Clear span tents

Running a sports team or club means spending a lot of time interacting with the community at public events. From games to special sponsorship events, there are always opportunities to engage with fans and friends of the team, while improving your branding.

Just like in business, branding for a sports team can make all the difference between success and stagnation. A powerful brand can attract new fans and even sponsors.

Clear span tents can be used as sports tents for teams to increase branding at every event. They also provide other significant benefits that should not be overlooked.

Use a Sports Tent to Represent Your Team Everywhere You Go

Have you ever noticed how the most successful teams have their own custom-branded uniforms, equipment and even temporary structures?

Team representation is important. It promotes team spirit and creates a focal point for fans. Custom-branded clear span tents can promote not only the name but the unique personality of your team. You could add your logo or mascot to tent designs, and your club will stand out at every single event that you visit.

Tents Create a Meeting Point for Your Players, Fans and Families

Clear span tents

Large tournaments, community events and school events can leave your team without a place to meet and bond. Have you ever lost track of your players and support staff when attending a larger event? You can eliminate this problem with your own clear span tent. A branded tent will show everyone exactly where your club has set up for the day. It will also make it easier for everyone to find each other as the event gets underway.

Your clubhouse is your home base where everyone feels comfortable in familiar surroundings. Investing in a commercial tent for sporting events will let you take your clubhouse on the road.

Clear Span Tents Offer Protection at Outdoor Events

Let’s not forget the fact that the best clear span tents offer all-day protection from sun, wind and rain. No matter what the weather is doing, your own shelter will keep your team cool, comfortable and dry.

The sun takes a massive toll on athletes during long, all-day events. Without a tent, you could find your staff and team members suffering from:

  • Muscle cramps that reduce performance
  • Fatigue
  • Thirst and dehydration
  • Loss of concentration, which could take your players off their game
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches and impaired vision

Obviously, these are all risks that you want to keep away from your players and key staff members. Clear span tents can be erected in any open space, whether it’s on grass, pavement or even in a gravel lot. A tent can provide complete UV protection that lasts throughout the day.

Give your team a fighting chance even at the hottest outdoor events. Investing in a custom clear span tent could reduce performance loss and give you an edge over the competition.

Provide a Backdrop for Your Sponsors

We talked about how important it is to promote your own team name and branding. Your sponsors will also appreciate having a presence at your events. In some cases, sponsors may be willing to contribute to tent procurement and maintenance costs if you agree to display their logo.

You could have sponsor logos printed on the structure, wall sections and even hanging banners that can be mounted inside of a clear span tent. Even if you’ve yet to attract sponsors, a large commercial-quality shelter could help market your team and attract new investment from businesses within your community. If your tent stands out at every event, then sponsors are going to want to get in on the action.

Invest in the Best Clear Span Tents from Anchor Inc.

Anchor is the best choice when you want a custom, long-lasting clear span tent for sports events. The PZ Party Series is an excellent starting point for mid-sized teams and clubs that need a versatile solution for regular usage.

Tents can be custom-designed or produced in standard 6- or 9-meter widths. Vinyl-coated fabric panels will stand up to the weather and provide years of return on your investment. You can choose from solid wall panels as well as clear walls and cathedral windows depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for. With extensive color options and graphics services, you’ll always have your team and sponsor branding front and center.

Explore Anchor tents online and invest in the future of your sports franchise.