Marquee Tents and the Small Details That Make Successful Events

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With the right tent, you can turn any location into a premium event space. Tents are versatile. For event planners and rental companies, they can provide an excellent return on investment.

At any event, the main tent will be one of the most important features. However, as in many aspects of life and business, small details can make a huge difference. Take marquee tents as an excellent example. Compact and versatile, these tents can become walkways, entryways, or even storage tents.

As you plan your next big project, consider how the following details could make it a success.

Cooling and Ventilation for Guests

You would be surprised by how many event organizers fail to consider ventilation when setting up a commercial tent.

Ventilation is necessary to prevent problems like condensation, odors, and stale air. When you have air moving freely, guests will feel more comfortable. This is particularly important for events where there will be a lot of movement and activity. Weddings, for example, often feature a dance floor. Without ventilation, the tent could easily become humid and unbearable.

There are a few different solutions that can be used to cool a large tent. The perfect one for you depends on your needs, the climate, and your budget.

  • Fans are the most basic form of ventilation and cooling. Even without an air conditioning system, fans could dramatically decrease ambient temperatures. They can also help to push humid air out of a tent. Choose ceiling fans or large commercial floor fans for your next event.
  • Air conditioning is also an option, and it’s becoming more affordable to hire portable units. You don’t even need a power hookup in every situation, because most portable air conditioners can be run from a generator. Air conditioning will give you the best interior conditions, with controllable temperature and humidity.
  • Evaporative cooling is less expensive than air conditioning and is more energy-efficient in most cases. Unfortunately, this form of cooling won’t work in every environment. An evaporative cooler blows air through moist pads to create a cooling effect. This method becomes less effective with higher humidity. It is recommended that you only use evaporative cooling if the ambient humidity is lower than 30%.

In addition to using mechanical cooling devices, you should consider how your tent layout will affect ventilation. Avoid blocking entryways and openings with larger decorations or furniture items.

Tent Floorplan

No matter the size of your tent or the nature of the event, your floor plan will be a crucial aspect. Get the floorplan right, and traffic will flow freely. Always keep things logically grouped, and make sure that banquet tables and drinks stand, etc. are easily accessible. If the tent will include a dancefloor, tables should be laid out around it. The dancefloor should be the farthest feature from the main entryway to ensure that there’s easy traffic flow to tables and seating.

You can ‘suggest’ walkways with your furniture arrangement, so try to think about how people would enter the tent and move between different features.

Adding Walkways and Entryways

Marquee TentsTents look better when you add special features, such as entryways or even walkways between tents.

Marquee tents from Anchor industries are the perfect solution when you need to cover paths or make a grand entryway. These tents are modular and are compatible with our Fiesta® frame tents. Marquees can even be used to cover elevated paths and stairways, so they’re flexible for any location.

These tents can be customized so that you have the perfect sizing for all your project needs, and they come with all installation accessories including guy lines and stakes.

A Fiesta® tent on its own can create a special venue for any event. With marquees, you can take things to another level and really set yourself apart in your industry. Choose these versatile tents if you want to get the most from your inventory.

Getting the Right Flooring

Frame tents are installed without the need for center poles, allowing you to maximize your floor space. This also means that you can install wall to wall event flooring to impress guests and your clients.

Flooring is a detail that should not be overlooked, no matter the occasion. For industry events like trade shows, product reveals, and workshops, interlocking flooring mats can be used. For events where presentation really matters, you can choose high-end options like engineered wood flooring panels or vinyl flooring.

For tent rental companies, flooring choices can add an extra source of revenue and a point of market differentiation.

Specialty Lighting

You’ve likely already considered the lighting needs for your next event, but have you included specialty lighting in your shortlist?

Specialty lighting adds atmosphere. Fairy lights are perfect for weddings and parties. If you choose a clear top tent, fairy lights will add some extra sparkle to a clear evening sky. Other options include bottle lights, hanging lanterns, and paper lanterns.

Modern LED lighting solutions produce very little heat so you can get creative with the materials you choose. Spend some extra time thinking about lighting and you’ll be rewarded with a truly magical tent interior.

Covered Storage Areas

Marquee tents are ideal for walkways, but their versatility allows you to use them in almost any way that you can imagine. If you need storage adjacent to your tent, a marquee would be the perfect option. You can cover air conditioners, generators, and other equipment that doesn’t need to be inside the main tent.

You can also use marquee tents for catering stations, cloak racks, or even sales stands at trade events.

Getting the Best Marquee Tents and Accessories

Anchor Industries is the company to talk to when you need marquee tents, frame and pole tents, tension tents, or temporary structures. Innovative designs, high-quality materials, and advanced manufacturing methods ensure that your tent products become long-lasting investments.

With the right tent company and an eye for detail, you’ll be able to plan better events that help you to expand your business.