COVID-19 Emergency Tent Rental

Medical tent

As hospitals and healthcare facilities do their best to accommodate a surge of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, many are setting up temporary tents and structures in their parking lots to handle the overflow. Healthcare facilities have experienced a sharp increase in the number of patients who are being treated and tested for COVID-19 symptoms. Temporary structures are an ideal solution to provide additional space for emergency cases or to test patients for the virus without admitting them inside the hospital, where they can potentially infect patients or hospital staff.

Clear span tents have proven to be a good option for these facilities to meet the increase in demand during the COVID-19 crisis, as many hospitals are quickly running out of space inside. The open floor plans of a clear span tent provide patients, nurses and doctors with not only additional space but necessary protection from the elements.

Here are some reasons why clear span tents are ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities that are in need of COVID-19 medical tent during this health crisis. If you have questions about clear span tents or are interested in renting or purchasing a tent in response to this healthcare emergency, call Anchor Industries today at 877-788-1247 for more information.

Sturdier Structural Components for Longer-Term Installation

Large clear span structures are engineered from the highest quality components to ensure structural stability, safety and full code compliance. The stability of these structures makes it possible to handle the large influx of patients that hospitals and healthcare facilities have seen since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Quality components don’t just allow for better stability and safety, they also make it possible to set up clear span tents for long-term installations that can handle the needs of patients for several weeks or even months.

Enhanced Flooring Options When You Choose Clear Span Tents

Because clear span tents are fully supported by a frame with no center poles, it’s possible to install consistent flooring throughout the entire structure. Raised flooring, engineered wood flooring and other solutions are all suitable for installation inside a clear span structure. Enhanced flooring options mean that you can achieve functionality in any situation.

Choosing the Right Size Medical Tent

Clear span tent manufacturers can offer structures that go beyond other solutions. Double decker structures and large multi-module connected structures are all possible. Some of the largest solutions, such as the Anchor-Röder Expo Series, can offer widths up to 30 meters, making it possible to handle a multitude of patients and hospital staff. We can supply the right size tent for any hospitals’ coronavirus response.

Standard frame tents are ideal for smaller uses, but they might not provide the functionality and space that medical facilities need if they’re treating those infected with coronavirus. Standard frame tents work better as COVID-19 testing locations, including ones that are used as drive thru sites. They can store medical equipment, including testing kits, and provide hospital staff protection from the elements.

 Clear Span Tents can be configured with larger uprights up to 4 meters, providing more interior spaces that are comparable to permanent structures. The increased interior volume can make a huge difference when you’re treating several patients at once.

Contact Anchor Today about Renting or Buying an Emergency Medical Tent

We understand these are challenging times, as thousands of Americans are coping with sick family and friends and a loss of income due to the coronavirus. Healthcare workers are doing their best to treat an influx of patients who are suffering from COVID-19 or need to be tested. If you need additional space to perform necessary duties, contact Anchor Industries Inc. today at 877-788-1247. We are happy to provide tent rental assistance.