Using Tents to Expand Outdoor Seating at Restaurants and Bars

Tent for outdoor dining

Who doesn’t enjoy spending time outside when it’s warm and sunny? If that’s not enough of a reason to add or expand outdoor seating at your bar or restaurant already, here’s another good reason: allowing your customers and employees to social distance while protecting them from COVID-19.

During these unprecedented times, it’s important that businesses – especially restaurants and bars – provide the safest possible environment for their customers and employees. At Anchor Industries, we have just the solution – adding a tent structure to the outside of your business for additional outdoor seating and space.

If you’re interested in discussing adding a tent to your business, contact one of our dealers today. We’ve been in business since 1892 and are one of America’s most trusted and reliable manufacturers of tents. Call Anchor Industries today at 877-788-1247.

Why Add a Tent Structure to Your Restaurant or Bar?

Many states have COVID-19 restrictions in place and limit the number of people that are allowed inside restaurants or bars. With the addition of an outside tent for customers, you can increase the number of people that frequent your restaurant while providing them with a safe space for social distancing.

If you don’t currently have additional seating outside your business but have the space for it, setting up a temporary tent structure is much faster than building a deck. The approval time from local government agencies is typically quicker compared to a deck or other type of permanent structure. Many state agencies have also expedited the approval process for adding additional outside space to help restaurants and bars to cope with the negative financial effects of COVID-19. Anchor tents are also extremely versatile and can be erected in an adjacent parking lot, behind the business or on a rooftop.

And, finally, adding a tent is great in the summer and fall, as customers enjoy spending time outside when the weather is nice while receiving protection from the rain and sun.

Choosing a Tent for Your Business

Anchor Industries has several types of ideal tents for bars and restaurants. Two of our best options for providing additional seating for customers are our selection of clear span structures and frame tents. Both of these tent options can come with clear tops, side walls and custom walls.

Clear span structures

Clear span structures are Anchor Industries’ most sought-after inventory for a reason. Clear span tents elevate your space while providing greater protection from the weather than traditional tents. They also are manufactured to withstand winds of up to 60 mph.

They’re manufactured with sturdy aluminum, making them an ideal choice for larger, long-term projects. Unlike some other tent options, clear span tents don’t have interior poles, so employees and customers can move freely about the area much easier.

All of our clear span structures come with a wide range of accessories and options so you can tailor the structure to your needs. We have single- and double-door units, hard and glass walls, a range of interior liners and frame draping options, custom design capabilities and color choices for fabrics.

Frame tents

Frame tents are also a great choice for expanded seating at bars and restaurants because they also don’t have interior poles – allowing for an airy interior with no obstructions – and come with sidewalls for increased privacy, if needed. Frame tents don’t rely on staking for their structure, so they can be set up on surfaces such as concrete, decks or pavement.

  • Our selection of Fiesta Frame Tents have a set of interchangeable components. They are easy to install and are manufactured with mildew-resistant, flame-retardant, vinyl-laminated fabrics that are easy to clean. These tents are also beautiful and easy to install.
  • Anchor’s Navi-Trac Frame Tent System, meanwhile, incorporates modular construction, which enables fabric panels to slide through channeled beams – making installation fast and simple. They come with a smooth, weather-tight fit and maximum stability, which creates a versatile and durable choice for your business.

Contact Anchor Industries for a Tent for Your Restaurant or Bar

If you own or manage a restaurant or bar and want expanded outdoor seating to help with social distancing – or just to add an outdoor haven for your customers – Anchor Industries is the company to use. We have dealers located all across the country that provide Anchor tents for rent.

Through hard work and dedication to our customers, we’ve developed a reputation for being trustworthy and honest. Our superior and durable selection of tents and clear span structures allow restaurants the additional space they need to thrive. For more information about our tents, contact Anchor Industries today.