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Anchor Makes Your Party Memorable

For outdoor events such as weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties and more, party tents are a must. Not only do these tents keep food and guests sheltered from sun or rain, but they also provide a lovely ambiance. Make your party memorable by renting a party tent.

Anchor Industries crafts high-quality options in a variety of styles. We design our tents with easy installation and versatility in mind to create a picturesque scene. They can easily be set up by renters the day of. An Anchor tent guarantees a party that guests will be raving about for years!

Features of All Anchor Tents

  • Quality materials: Anchor Industries is proud to be at the top of our field for frame and fabric manufacturing in the United States.
  • Durable construction
  • Weather resistance: Is there a chance of rain on the day of your event? No problem. All of our tents are designed to withstand inclement weather.
  • Easy installation: Our tents are designed for renters to install easily.

Find The Party Tent You Need

Frame Tents

Frame tents don’t have center poles, resulting in a spacious, unobstructed interior. They provide a lot of freedom for interior decorating. The open nature allows you to customize the interior to your exact liking.

Frame tents are extremely durable and easy to keep clean. They are ideal for setting up over concrete, pavement or decks.

Track Frame Tents

Track frame tents are very similar to frame tents but are even easier to install. They don’t have center poles and use innovative track frame systems for simple installation. One track frame model, in particular, the Navi-Trac Frame Tent system, allows fabric panels to pass through supportive beams for installations that are an absolute cinch.

This option is also incredibly stable. Another model, the F3, has amazing value and is simple yet elegant. The F3 requires no tools and no pins to install.

Track frame tents are a great choice if you want the installation process to be smooth and simple.

Tension Tents

Tension Tents are large and striking, with high ceilings sloping upwards into elegant peaks. These spacious tents come in a variety of sizes.

The beautiful sailcloth fabric is gorgeously eye-catching, day or night. No matter the weather, your guests will be safe inside this weather-resistant oasis. The WeatherShield wall attachment keeps out wind and rain without sacrificing the aesthetic quality. 

The high-quality and luxurious appearance make them the natural choice for upscale events such as galas, weddings and other black-tie affairs.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are simple and versatile. They work well for a variety of different events. They are an undisputed classic and probably look like the image conjured in your mind whenever someone says “tent.”

Our pole tent canopies are made from block-out vinyl material, which keeps rain and sun off your guests. They’re arguably the easiest to set up, making them a great choice if you’ll be setting it up yourself.

These are perfect for birthdays, graduation parties, company picnics and any other outdoor parties.

Clear Span Structures

Clear span structures provide even greater weather protection than traditional tents while still visually elevating your party.


Created in collaboration with the German design and engineering company, Röder/AG, our clear span structures are of outstanding quality and provide unparalleled weather protection.

Clear span structures are perfect for hosting large parties. The PZ party series is also perfect for a sheltered walkway between buildings.

Dress Up Your Party Tent However You Want

  • Color options: Choose from a variety of tent colors including classic white, red, blue, yellow and green depending on the nature of your party.
  • Size options: We offer tents in a variety of sizes, depending on the number of attendees for your event.

Choose Anchor, The Party Tent Experts

Anchor offers a huge selection of tents of varying styles. We guarantee we have a party tent that meets your needs. Our design team knows how to pair you with the perfect choice for your gathering. We’re proud to have been manufacturing our products in the U.S. since 1892, and we are constantly innovating.

Our sales and service team is here to help you. Their level of personal attention and expertise will make you feel confident in your decision to choose Anchor.

Contact Anchor today for a quote, and get your party started!

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