Pool Covers 101: Mesh Versus Solid Pool Covers

Do you own a pool? When it’s not in use, you have it covered, correct? Covering a pool is not only the best way to guard against detrimental effects on the pool itself, it is also a safety measure for the protection of your family and others.

But there are different types of pool covers. The question of mesh versus solid pool covers frequently arises. Particularly for the winterization of your pool, you want dependable protection of superb quality. Without sacrificing the safety of those you love, how can you satisfy style preferences and property protection? Should you use a mesh cover or a solid pool cover?

Why Cover Your Pool?

As already suggested, covering your pool is a safety measure. Covered pools are less likely to invite animals and humans from entering them unauthorized. But they are also for the protection of the pool itself.

As well as guarding against someone accidentally falling into your pool, covers help with maintenance. They keep unwanted debris from finding its way into your backyard escape.

Mesh Pool Covers

To protect against your kids falling in and guard against unwanted debris, mesh safety covers stretch across your entire pool. Compared to solid covers, they are easier to handle and lighter in weight. Mesh pool covers block debris from entering, reduce pool water/chemical loss, and discourage intruders. All winter long, this cover removes water from the surface because it is self-draining.

Solid Pool Covers

Once again, for protecting against intruders and unwanted debris, an ideal method is through solid pool covers. To provide for easy debris removal and protect your pool, smooth surfaces are achieved by the vinyl coated fabric used when manufacturing solid pool covers from Anchor Industries Inc.

Not only do they block all sunlight from your pool, the strong fabric resists the effects of chlorine and sun damage, as well as rips, and tears.

In the spring, cleanup will be easier because algae growth was inhibited by this cover. Antimicrobials are used to treat these covers so that they can resist mildew and mold growth.

It is relatively easy to remove and install solid pool covers.

Consider Covering Your Entire Swimming Area

Also offered by Anchor Industries Inc. are tents, awnings, and enclosures. Imagine being able to swim in the coldest weather because your entire recreation area is not only covered but surrounded by a clear, walled, temperature-controlled tent! Sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?

Swim in rain, cold weather, and more with the knowledge that you will be comfortable and guarded against the elements.

Where to Find A Pool Cover

For more than 40 years, we have been the leading innovator of pool safety covers. To protect your swimming space and your family, we utilize proven safety features and cutting-edge technology. In fact, pool covers are our specialty, among other protective coverings.

So, will it be mesh or a solid pool cover for the protection of your family’s favorite place to spend a hot day? Both have distinct advantages and are certainly preferable to no cover at all! It’s up to you.

If you’d like some expert advice, however, call Anchor Industries Inc. at (812) 913-9958.