Homeowner’s Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, we only sell through a dealer network. We have many dealers located all over the United States. To find a dealer near you click here or the Locate a Dealer button can be found on the upper right corner of our website. Contact the Territory Managers to refer you to a dealer if you are having trouble finding one near you.
When you go to Anchor’s Locate A Dealer page, you can type a location or postal code into the map search bar and select the pool cover category.
That depends on what safety cover you own. All of Anchor’s solid vinyl safety covers have a 10-year warranty, while all mesh safety covers have a 12-year warranty.
To fill out the warranty registration go to the Customer Service dropdown menu, and select Warranty Registration. Here you can fill out your information and submit it online.
What type of pool you have, the environment you live in, and local codes are all taken into consideration when determining which Anchor safety cover is right for you. Dealers are the best source to guide you through cover choices and finding out the best fit for you and your pool.
There are many differences between other brands of pool covers and an Anchor safety cover; one of the biggest being 100% of our covers meet ASTM standards for safety covers. The focus of ASTM standards is children under five and pets. Anchor safety covers are designed to support a significant load and deny children access to the pool.
The color options depend on what style safety cover you are considering. To see what the colors look like, please check out our product gallery found on each product page:

Anchor Mesh – Blue, Brown, Green

Defender Mesh – Blue, Green, Black, Charcoal, Tan

Classic Solid – Blue, Brown, Green, Charcoal, Tan, Gray

Tuff Stuff Solid – Blue, Green, Gray

5-Star & Cross Star Solid – Blue, Brown, Green, Charcoal, Tan, Gray
All Anchor safety covers are manufactured in the United States. Anchor has been calling Evansville, IN home since opening over 125 years ago!
We thank you for your continued business over the years. By contacting your local Anchor dealer and providing them with the original order number located on the warning label, they can order you a remake of the same cover you currently own. Each order number contains manufacturing information unique to your cover.
Please note, sometimes the information can’t be located and the best source for remaking a cover is measuring the old cover itself! Do not discard your cover, as it may be the best source of information.
Yes, we can make that happen! You should make arrangements with your dealer to have your cover sent to Anchor or see if a dealer can take on-site measurements of your cover. After collecting the measurements, the dealer will submit the order and Anchor will start making you a new safety cover that will match up with your current hardware!
While our safety covers are designed to support the load of someone walking on the cover, it is not recommended. ASTM Safety Standards require that for pools with a width or diameter greater than 8 ft. from the periphery, the cover is designed to hold a weight of 485 lb. (2 adults and 1 child) to permit a rescue operation.
It is important to maintain an appropriate water level to help support substantial winter precipitation such as snow. Make sure you have a working pump if your cover requires it. Other than that, little to no maintenance is required.
Yes, in order to meet ASTM standards there must be an automatic pump on your solid cover at all times.
No, you should keep water in the pool at all times. The water level of your pool should be no more than 1’3” below the coping with an Anchor safety cover on it.
Yes, you can! It is recommended that you communicate with your local dealer about what material surrounds your pool. This will ensure that they take the material into account when submitting your order to Anchor. It may require a different, but common anchor style and/or installation.
Of course! However, it could require special construction to avoid, go around, over or affix to the feature. Anchor safety pool covers are custom made, so we would take these features into consideration when designing your safety cover to determine the best fit for your pool.
Safety covers require an anchor and attaching hardware. The cover must be secured to the perimeter in some way. The anchors screw down to become flush with the deck when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about anything sticking up on your deck.
Anchor designs the cover to match the shape of your pool. Mismatched shapes could create premature wear that would shorten the life of the product.
You can arrange it with your dealer to install it yourself if you have the correct tools. However, Anchor does encourage professional installation to ensure that it meets standards and expectations.
Please refer to the below chart to see your options based on the style of cover you currently own.
Some environmental factors such as heavy pollen or dusty conditions may clog the woven mesh. A pool broom and clean water help to eliminate the puddling of water.
No, but we do make a safety spa cover! Anchor’s Spa Cover comes over the sides of the spa and is secured by 2” webbing along the bottom. The webbing is tightened with a ratchet to ensure a tight and secure fit. This allows quick and simple installation and removal with no drilling required to your spa’s tile, brick, or stone veneer!
You will need to make arrangements with an Anchor pool cover dealer. We want to understand the alteration or repair prior to its arrival so we can provide labor and repair estimates.
Yes, see your local dealer and they can get replacement parts ordered for you.
Yes! Anchor covers are extremely durable, but do occasionally need some attention. Fortunately, Anchor covers are easily patched and often done on premises. Your local dealer can obtain the appropriate patch kit to fix minor mishaps or other damage that may occur from storms, pests, or other circumstances. For larger holes or tears, it is best to take photos and ask you dealer for their input on how best to handle the issue.
Anchor safety covers should be clean and dry prior to storage in the summer months. All new covers include a storage bag that will fit the cover when neatly folded for storage. The cover bundle may be heavy to lift, so be careful when moving the bundle, and NEVER drag your cover. Your cover should be stored indoors (garage or basement) away from extreme heat in barns, sheds, etc. without proper ventilation in the summer heat. If pests are a concern, take precautions to prevent rodents, ants, or other critters from getting access to the storage area. If in doubt, your dealer may offer suggestions on how best to store your cover.