Commercial Shade Structures from Anchor Industries

With commercial shade structures, you can provide temporary or permanent shade at water parks, theme parks, restaurants, sports stadiums, or anywhere that you want to offer comfort to your guests. With America’s leading tent and commercial shade manufacturer, you’ll find a broad range of solutions to meet your needs.

Umbrellas for Permanent Commercial Shade Installation

Commercial ShadeOur range of commercial FUNbrella® products were originally designed to meet the demanding requirements of water park owners in the United States. They are engineered for durability, wind resistance, and chemical resistance from treated water. While they remain highly popular throughout the water and sports park industries, they are also perfectly suited to any commercial installation where an attractive aesthetic and practicality are required.

FUNbrella® products are available in both retractable and non-retractable designs. Like all our commercial shade structures, they have ben engineered to provide class-leading wind resistance and blockage of UV spectrum light. Canopies can be custom made with appealing colors to match your commercial branding or the installation environment.

  • FUNbrella® Classic is fully retractable and simple to maintain. All classic models feature traditional mushroom shaped commercial shade canopies that are suitable for any environment.
  • For permanent installation where retractable commercial shade structures are not needed, there’s the FUNbrella® Palm model. Durable and easy to maintain, this option is well suited to restaurants, bars, and events locations.
  • The FUNbrella® Shark design is a modern twist on the Classic. Models use the same high-quality frame structures but feature unique commercial shade canopies. Note that canopies between Classic and Shark umbrellas are fully interchangeable.

FUNbrella® models can be ordered with UV Shadecloth or Woven Acrylic canopies. Extensive color selections are available, and commercial shade prices and sample color swatch cards are available on request.

Canopy Materials That Differentiate our Commercial Shade Products

Commercial ShadeDesign excellence and class-leading materials ensure that we can deliver on our promise to create the best commercial shade canopies available today.

Providing shade is not just about offering comfort to your guests. Shaded areas on commercial sites can keep guests safe from exhaustion, heatstroke, and sunburn that could lead to skin cancer. Our unique UV Mesh Shadecloth provides 95% protection from damaging UV light, and solutions like PERFECTSHADE® will be perfect for commercial use at sports parks, community centers, waterparks, or anywhere that a comfortable shaded area is required.

For our permanent umbrellas in the FUNbrella® range, we use woven acrylic fabrics as recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to prevent sunburn from UV exposure.

Flawless Engineering for Commercial Shade Structures That are Made to Last

A shade structure should be a long-term investment where you can enjoy an excellent return over many years of use. Anchor Industries commercial shade canopies lead the industry due to our commitment to quality design and engineering.

Take our PERFECTSHADE® canopy as a fitting example. The simple post and canopy structure features some of the most advanced construction and durability that you will find on the market today. Our best PERFECTSHADE® designs can resist 3 second wind gusts at up to 115 mph and exceed ASCE 7-10 standards. If you require a lasting structure that is suitable for usage in all conditions, PERFECTSHADE® would be an excellent choice.

Our easy tensioning system ensures that you are able to quickly adjust your PERFECTSHADE® canopies for all conditions. Integrated canopy supports ensure durability over the product lifetime. We use high quality and high strength steel frames, with MIG-welded joints that can withstand the most demanding usage.

Commercial Shade Canopies for Buildings

Commercial Shade Canopies for BuildingsIn addition to umbrellas and standalone shade structures, we also offer commercial awning solutions to provide shade or an aesthetic boost on your commercial property. Entrances and walkways can benefit from colorful canopy awnings in the color and design of your choice. Awnings can also be used for commercial windows to protect customers and interior spaces from UV light exposure.

For restaurants and retail showrooms, the installation of custom Anchor Commercial Awnings can protect flooring, furniture, and inventory from UV discoloration.

Get more exposure for your business with recognizable high-quality awnings. Logo printing is available for complete branding on your awnings from America’s best commercial shade manufacturer.

We Can Custom Engineer Shade Structures for Commercial and Industrial Use

With over 100 years of design and engineering experience, Anchor Industries is the company to call when you need custom shade or tent products, including canopies and sails. We can incorporate your design requirements and material specifications.

We manufacture all our canopies and commercial shade sails in the United States and can ship globally for international orders. Our manufacturing processes are ISO 9001 certified.

If you require custom commercial shade sails or other shade products or tents that are not listed, you can simply talk to our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your requirements.

Order from America’s Best Commercial Shade Manufacturer

We design shade products to meet exacting specifications while satisfying all UV protection and durability requirements. When you demand the absolute best, Anchor Industries is a company that you can trust.

Explore all of our shade and tent products online today, or contact us for custom orders, the latest commercial shade prices, or for expert sales advice to find the perfect solutions for your needs.