Commercial Umbrellas for Sale

At Anchor Industries you can find a range of commercial umbrellas for sale to suit both permanent installations and contract hiring needs. Our shade solutions can offer both practical functionality and an aesthetic boost to any outdoor environment, whether you need a commercial umbrella for resorts, hotels, waterparks, or any other location.

The highest quality design and construction ensures that your investment will last, providing an excellent return over the lifetime of any of our products. Explore our range of solutions today and see why Anchor Industries is the preferred commercial shade solution provider.

Commercial Umbrellas for Sale Keep Guests Safe and Comfortable

Commercial UmbrellaWhether you need commercial umbrellas for hotels, waterparks, resorts, or any other environment, the comfort of your guests will be paramount. Protection from the hot sun ensures that guests will take the maximum possible enjoyment from your establishment. The addition of shaded spaces also keeps guests protected from heatstroke and excessive UV exposure that could lead to sunburn and a heightened risk of skin cancer.

Umbrellas also help to improve the general atmosphere and can be used as visual branding, with a range of colors available on a custom made commercial patio umbrellas for sale.

With each commercial umbrella for resorts and other businesses, you can strategically place seating areas, family areas, and VIP areas.

Quality Matters When Choosing a Commercial Umbrella for Sale

At Anchor Industries, we understand that there are countless options available on the market, at varying ends of the price range. We are also aware that not every solution can provide effective sun coverage, aesthetic, and durability that your business requires. With extensive experience in tent making and shade products, we know what is needed to make lasting outdoor weather and shade solutions. We put all our expertise and engineering knowledge into each commercial umbrella for sale.

FUNbrella Commercial Umbrella for Sale

Commercial Umbrella for SaleAs one of America’s leading commercial umbrella manufacturers, we offer three distinct models that can be suited to your requirements.

The FUNbrella Classic is one of our most popular models for commercial installation. It’s a suitable commercial umbrella for resorts, hotels, and waterparks, providing ample shade in either 12’ or 20’ models.

The lightweight aluminum frame provides superior strength while keeping shipping weight low. The classic model is designed to withstand the elements and has been tested for safety to comply with ASCE 7-02 standards. The FUNbrella classic will withstand strong 3-second wind gusts at up to 90 miles per hour. This makes it perfect for permanent installation. If choosing the large 20’ FUNbrella, you could provide shade equivalent to 7 small commercial umbrellas for hotels, waterparks, or resorts.

Canopy fabric is a woven acrylic and is available in a range of colors to suit your branding. The optional ground sleeve is compatible with our range of Anchor Industries umbrellas.

FUNbrella Palm

If you need a giant non-retractable commercial umbrella for resorts and other installations, then the FUNbrella Palm is a great option. Made from HDPE base material, this model has been used successfully in schools, parks, cafes, restaurants, and poolside locations. If you have strict requirements for safety and structural integrity, this umbrella will meet and even exceed your demands in most cases.

The UV Mesh shade cloth designed for FUNbrella Palm umbrellas is available in a range of exciting outdoor colors that can perfectly complement your outdoor features. The 20’ canopy provides adequate shelter for large groups, and multiple umbrellas placed on your premises will take care of all of your shading needs.

FUNbrella Shark Commercial Umbrella for Sale

Commercial UmbrellasThe FUNbrella Shark is another popular option that meets our high standards for wind resistance. It’s fully ASCE 7-02 compliant and could be the perfect solution for beachside resorts where wind gusts are frequent.

Our Shark model is available with either a woven acrylic or UV mesh canopy, with a range of colors that will suit your branding or aesthetic needs.

High-quality steel hardware is precision engineered to provide years of lifetime and trouble-free use. If you want to make a true investment in a commercial umbrella for resorts or hotels, this is a model that is highly recommended.

The FUNbrella Shark frame is removable and an optional flush mounted ground sleeve is available upon request.

Choose a Commercial Umbrella for Sale That Lasts 5 Years Longer Than the Competition

Our largest 20’ umbrellas not only provide more coverage than smaller commercial models; they also last longer! On average, our FUNbrella tops will last up to 5 years longer than smaller models from the competition. The combination of excellent looks and quality materials mean that you will actually save money over the lifetime of your investment.

Talk to us today for the latest commercial umbrella prices for any of our FUNbrella models.

Contact A Dedicated Sales Team to Find Your Perfect Commercial Umbrella for Sale

We can help you to find the perfect commercial umbrella for waterparks, hotels, resorts, or anywhere that you need a high-quality solution. Our dedicated sales staff can make recommendations based on your specifications and budget, and we can suggest other solutions, including shade sales for coverage over larger areas.

Choose one of the best commercial umbrella manufacturers in America today. Anchor Industries is the preferred supplier whenever you demand quality, durability, and the best presentation from a commercial umbrella.