The Benefits of Using Social Distancing Barriers

The world around us has changed dramatically in the past several months as COVID-19 has altered the way Americans work, vacation and shop. As businesses and schools look for ways to keep employees, customers and students safe, one solution has proved to be a great way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus – social distancing barriers.

Social distancing barriers protect people who are in close proximity to each other from airborne particles. If you’re interested in hearing more about our lightweight, durable barrier shields, contact Anchor Industries today. We’ve been in business since 1892, and are one of America’s oldest and most trusted manufacturers of tents, pool covers and social distancing barriers for businesses.

What Are Social Distancing Barriers?

Anchor Industries’ Porta-Shield clear plastic barriers promote social distancing measures to keep people safe. You’ve probably seen similar barriers at gas station counters and grocery store check-out lanes. But Porta-Shield barriers are also perfect for classrooms, the workplaPorta-Shield barrierce, reception areas or any other place that serves people.

Our social distancing barriers can be manufactured in heights of 2, 3, 4 and 6 ½ feet and widths of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet. Their low profile steel base plates provide a sturdy foundation, and they can be vested when coupling the units together.

These barriers are also constructed with 28 mm black steel tubing to avoid corrosion.

How Can I Use a Social Distancing Barrier?

Porta-Shield barriers have infinite applications. Small Porta-Shield units can be placed directly on counters, service areas, desktops and tabletops – anywhere you want to protect people who are interacting within six feet of each other. These barriers can serve as “sneeze guards” to protect workers and customers from viruses.

Anchor’s larger Porta-Shield units, meanwhile, can stand directly on the floor and can be placed in front of a lectern, podium or teacher’s desk for protection. Anyone who is addressing a large gathering can benefit from having the extra protection of a barrier to promote safety and social distancing.

Many office settings have switched to an open work space in recent years, which includes no cubicles and less office space. Porta-Shield barriers work great in these open office spaces, which typically have adjacent desks that face each other or are side by side and less than six feet apart. Barriers can be placed between and in front of the desks to offer the protection workers need.

One of the most high-traffic areas of any building is the hallways. How do you keep people protected in them? With Porta-Shield, you can vest several barriers together to create a two-way traffic flow. This is an ideal solution for high-foot-traffic areas, including:

  • Schools, including colleges and universities
  • Large corporations
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Even sporting events

Anchor is the Leader in Social Distance Barriers

Anchor Industries has a workforce of more than 300 highly skilled and motivated employees. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality and care. Contact Anchor Industries or one of our nationwide suppliers today, and let us help solve your social distancing needs.