How are individuals going to get into sporting events, airports, and concerts etc. without lines being insanely long if people can’t be within 6 feet of one another? Anchor wants to help solve the problem of keeping protected while saving space.

Framazing is a internal partition system that attaches to the inside of tents that creates a 7 foot tall maze dividers. Compared to a traditional line, 2.5 times more people can fit in the same space while remaining seperated.

Framazing features clear vinyl top half so that people can see around them and a solid vinyl bottom half with 6 foot distancing markings found at the bottom. Attaching Framazing to any frame tent is made easy by securing the provided cables to the outside frame of the tent and using the tightening device provided to secure the Framazing wall in place.


FraMzing Divider System Features & Benefits:

• Engineered specifically to distancing people in limited spaces
• Adapts to virtually any frame tent configuration
• With 6 foot seperation it allows 2.5 times more people within a space versus a traditional line
• Easy to assemble
• Lightweight, temporary option to create a maze divider underneath a tent


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