Porta-Shield Connect

Maximum protection for your teachers & students

Do you need to add maximum protection to a classroom, lunch table, computer or science labs, library or any other small area then the Porta-Shield Connect was designed with you in mind. It features a clear vinyl barrier that extends off the surface allowing you to talk to your neighbor with the assurance you are both safe. The Connect is customizable to your needs Clamps and base plates can be utilized in an number of ways. Porta-Shield Connect comes in a variety of sizes to ensure that you have the best divider for your space. Sizes ranging from 15” x 30”’ to 24” x 48”. The Connect was designed to sit on desks, counters, tables, ledges, workspaces and everything in between. This virtually break-proof design will not crack, split or chip making one of the top sellers on the market.

Porta-Shield Connect:
15″ x 30″

18″ x 36″

21″ x 42″

24″ x 48″

24″ x  24″

24″ x  30″

24″ x  36″

24″ x  42″


Made in USA