Clear Top Tents to Take Your Events to the Next Level

While clear top tents aren’t the most commonly seen options for mid and large sized events, they can be particularly beautiful when correctly installed and decorated. A clear top allows for an unrivaled amount of natural light, and the open sky effect in low light and during the evenings can be particularly pleasant.

If you want to serve your clients with the highest quality temporary clear top tents for weddings, corporate parties, and other events, then you’ll find compelling options at Anchor Industries Inc.

Frame Tents for Easier Installation and Industry Leading Aesthetics

clear top tentsClear top tent construction has come a long way in recent years. The tents available for rental and commercial use far exceed the quality and ease of installation when compared to tents of the past.

Some of the innovations available on Anchor Industry tents help to improve aesthetic while also reducing installation and pack downtime. This allows your teams to get on quickly when setting up a tent for any event that your company is hosting. From trade shows to private parties, weddings and other private functions, choosing Anchor tents will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Track frame tents combine the benefits of standard frame tents with the innovative Navi-Trac system. These tents are some of the most versatile in the industry and are hands down the easiest to work with.

Our frame tents can make up the lion’s share of your inventory, giving you modular options to handle anything from the smallest private event to large installations at galas, trade shows, and festivals.

Frame tents are self-contained without the need for staking. They can be set up on any stable surface, including open lawns, decking, concrete, outdoor tiles, and pavement. Frame tents eliminate the need for center poles, so you’ll maximize internal space with free-flowing open areas that are perfect for receptions, catering, or any function demanded by your clients.

Our frame tents use interchangeable components that are labeled to make setup a breeze. Vinyl fabrics are tough and resilient, and they look great even when used for the most high-end events. Flame-retardant fabrics keep your clients safe while protecting your own investment, and all our tents are easy to clean and resist mildew and staining.

Navi-Trac Frame Tents

With Navi-Trac, you can choose clear top frame tents that are simple to install. Specially designed tracks allow the fabric to be guided through individual beams for a completely seamless structure. Modular mounting accessories allow for hanging decorations, including heavier items like lights, hanging plants, and anything else that your project requires.

Navi-Trac is weather tight and an advanced tensioning system allows for taut sections that resist even fierce winds without trouble. Add walls with windows for elegant clear top tents for weddings and parties, or use solid wall sections for walkways and catering tents. The modularity of our framed tents will allow you to keep a large inventory to hire sections on an as-needed basis.

Clear Top Tents Sized for any Event

Clear Top TentsModularity ensures that you can get the perfect sized tent for any event, even if you are renting out your inventory for large trade expos. Tents can also be used for semi-permanent installations, which makes them useful for restaurants and bars.

Expo Series structures can be used for the largest events, with extensive accessory options available. 2-story buildings, custom designs, graphics services for your own branding, glass windows, hard walls, and liners for concealing frames are all possible.

To serve rental needs for smaller parties, consider the PZ (Party Series). 25 oz. vinyl is used for durability and presentation, and all accessory options are available, including our graphics services and modular doors, walls, and window patterns.

Anchor clear top tents for sale are engineered to the ASCE 7-10 standard, ensuring safety and quality of construction. You’ll be making an investment that can last for many years, that is easy to maintain, and that could drive revenue for your tent hire or events business.

Clear Top Tent Manufacturer Options

Modularity with a range of options is key to the success of our PZ series tents and other larger models. We also offer custom designs based on your needs and invite you to contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Our tents have been used extensively in the rental industry, for corporate hospitality, as semi-permanent structures at country clubs and other facilities, for sports clubs and events, and even for facilities at resorts and hotels.

When you demand the very best clear top tents for sale, talk to a market leader with more experience than any other company in the business.

Choose the Tent Manufacturer Trusted Around America

We’ve been operating for over a century and our unrivaled experience allows us to develop clear top tents for sale that are perfect for your rental inventory. Tents are designed to be easy to set up and pack down, and we comply with the highest industry standards for temporary structures. Our expert craftsmen have decades of collective experience, with our most talented tent builders having over 20 years in the industry.

Deliver the best possible service when you are renting tents or providing coverage for any event. Choose clear top tents for the ultimate in beauty and elegance.