F3 Frame Tent



More than four decades ago Anchor introduced a tent that propelled the tent rental business from the backyard into the billion dollar event industry. The Fiesta changed the economics of tent rental and the F3 continues that tradition by delivering attractive and flexible event space with low labor and logistics requirements.

Simple installation with minimal training make F3 the perfect choice for a young growing rental business looking to expand its capabilities and market reach. Hip and gable end configurations with a variety of curtain and height options make it an ideal part of the mix for established event companies doing a wide range of events. Clean sightlines with no cables, braces or clutter provide an appealing canvas for event planners to work their magic.

F3 is the most innovative track frame tent available. Strong yet light fluted extrusion with three keder tracks give an elegant appearance with an accessory track in every frame member. Light yet rugged aluminum connections feature F-Stop latches that require no tools or pins, eliminate pinching, and can easily be used with gloves on. Interchangeable parts across sizes simplify logistics. The design carries engineering to better than 50 MPH at 30’ wide on 10’ uprights – all without the need for cables or braces, even with gable ends.

No wonder customers tell us their crews always “go to” the F3 first.


  • 65% fewer parts than comparable frames
  • Fast, mistake-proof installation with minimal training
  • Unique F-Stop latches: no pins, no tools, no pinching


  • Engineered to 70+ MPH at 20’ wide, 50+ MPH at 30’ wide
  • Large symmetrical profile – high strength to weight ratio
  • Rugged, yet light aluminum connections and splices


  • No cables, braces or clutter – clean, open sightlines
  • Fluted frame elements – graceful yet substantial
  • Anchor-smooth fabric with keder / catenary tensioning


  • Anchor quality at a compelling price
  • A flexible go-to tent system to build a business around
  • Do more jobs with smaller crews / simpler logistics


  • 20’ & 30’ Wide expandable in 10’ and 15’ sections
  • Hip or Gable End configurations
  • Keder attachment for tops and walls
  • 3” Diameter fluted extrusion with accessory track in every element
  • Welded aluminum connections with F-Stop latches
  • Engineered to 70+ MPH at 20’ wide, 50+ MPH at 30’ wide
  • Fabric options:
  • 18 Oz. Snyder white blockout vinyl
  • 18 Oz. Burlan white blockout vinyl
  • Clear vinyl
  • Curtain options:
  • Tensioned catenary
  • Tensioned catenary with wall rope and curved flap
  • Tensioned catenary with wall rope and Fiesta curtain
  • Upright options:
  • 7’ with terrain leveling adjustment
  • 8’ with terrain leveling adjustment
  • 8’ to 10’ adjustable

Anchor’s transformed Lean production process allows us to meet this commitment on an ever-expanding range of our products.