Fiesta® Marquee

A Fiesta Marquee makes a dramatic entryway and protects walkways, exits, entrances, and stairways from the elements. The Marquee also serves to connect tented events. Coverings are constructed of vinyl laminated polyester treated to resist fire, fading, mildew, and leakage.

The Marquee adapts to any situation, including 45-degree and 90-degree turns. Installation is simple, and end gables detach easily for quick extension. Create solutions with Marquees in L shapes as well as festive, functional stair step coverings.

Fiesta® Marquee Widths:

  • 6’ wide
  • 9’ wide
  • 10’ wide
  • 45˚ Corner Marquee
  • 90˚ Corner Marquee
  • Stair Step Marquee


Fiesta® Marquee Features & Benefits:

  • Modular design – Standard 10’ width, unlimited lengths
  • Free-standing Marquee adapts to any situation with ease
  • 18 oz. blockout or 18 oz. translucent vinyl laminated polyester fabrics manufactured to resist fire, fading, mildew, and leakage
  • Velcro end gable panels detach easily for quick expandability
  • Parts compatible with Fiesta Frame
  • Complete units come with guys and stakes
  • Custom sizes available