Tent Top Graphics

At Anchor, we understand that you and your customers need to stand out and be unique from the rest. Nothing makes an event or venue stand out like a digitally printed or hand painted tent top graphics. Our experienced and hardworking graphics department can make your tent, awning, or any other product a real work of art. We can do everything from digitally printing a corporate logo on a 100′ wide Century to hand painting ball field covers for professional baseball teams.  Digitally printed and hand painted Anchor tents have been found all over stadiums and raceways around the country. Having a beautiful tent, fabric structure, or awning is one thing…having these same products with a digitally printed or hand painted logo opens the door for so much more. Establish an identity, maximize your exposure and bring the customers to you.


  • Printing on 3M Adhesive Vinyl, applied to new Anchor product.
  • Printing on White Vinyl Roll Material, with panel welded to Anchor product.
  • Printing directly on Anchor Material, assemble finished product (White Vinyl only)