Tents for Grocery and Retail Store Pickups

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way Americans work, attend school, dine out and shop – at least temporarily.

In an effort to keep customers and employees safe from the coronavirus and promote social distancing, many businesses and institutions have rented tent structures. For example, restaurants and bars have used them to expand outdoor seating, while colleges and universities have utilized them as outdoor classrooms, study halls and dining areas.

Using tents for grocery and retail pickups is also a great idea to prevent at-risk customers, especially the elderly population, from needing to enter stores, which increases their chances of being exposed to the virus. Tents also protect employees, customers, merchandise and groceries from inclement weather.

If you manage or own a grocery or retail store, contact Anchor Industries or one of our hundreds of nationwide Anchor dealers to learn more about renting a temporary tent structure to use as a curbside pickup location for groceries or merchandise. Call Anchor Industries today at 877-788-1247.

Benefits of Using a Tent as a Pickup Location

Grocery and retail curbside pickup locations are extremely convenient because customers can pick up online orders without entering the store or even leaving their vehicles.

Using tents at retail locations have several advantages, including:

  • Providing an easy target for customers to see.
  • Protecting customers, employees and merchandise from high winds and inclement weather, including rain and snow.
  • Allowing customers to pull right up to the tent to receive their purchases.
  • Promoting social distancing.

Many large grocery chains and retail stores are already using tent structures for these purposes. If you don’t have a tent pickup location yet, your business could be losing out on a large segment of the population that feels safer ordering groceries, clothes and merchandise online and picking them up.

Tents can also transform a mall or shopping center into an open-air shopping location to create a safer environment.

Choosing a Tent Structure for Grocery and Retail Store Pickups

Frame tents

Frame tents are a great choice to provide customers with a pickup location. Frame tents don’t have interior poles, which create an open interior space where employees can easily move around. Frame tents can be set up on just about any type of surface, including decks, pavement, concrete and over and around obstacles.

Frame tents are also built with a sturdy, aluminum frame and can withstand winds of up to 60 mph and three-second gusts of up to 90 mph. For more protection from the elements, or to increase security or privacy, frame tents can also come with sidewalls.

  • Our selection of Fiesta Frame Tents have a set of interchangeable components. They are easy to install and are manufactured with mildew-resistant, flame-retardant, vinyl-laminated fabrics that are easy to clean. These tents are also beautiful and easy to install.
  • Anchor’s Navi-Trac Frame Tent System, meanwhile, incorporates modular construction, which enables fabric panels to slide through channeled beams – making installation fast and simple. They come with a smooth, weather-tight fit and maximum stability to create a versatile and durable choice for your business.

Contact Anchor Industries for Tents for Grocery and Retail Store Pickup Locations

We understand that COVID-19 has altered the way businesses operate across the country and, in many ways, has made life more difficult and uneasy. But finding new and creative ways to operate will help your grocery or retail store keep up with competition and cater to customers who are looking for a safer way to shop.

At Anchor Industries, we’ve been in business since 1892 and are one of the nation’s most trusted and reliable manufacturers of tent structures. For more information about renting a tent for long-term use at a grocery store or retail store, contact Anchor Industries today or reach out to one of our hundreds of nationwide suppliers.