The Best Clear Span Tents and the Benefits They Offer

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Clear span tents are hugely popular for all events, ranging from weddings and family gatherings to corporate shows and trade fairs. Clear span tents provide unparalleled interior space with standout aesthetics. For event operators, they represent a simple and affordable way to create a temporary structure. For clear span tent rental companies, they are durable, appealing, and provide an excellent return on investment.

If you fall into the latter category and need new tents to improve your rental inventory, clear span tents should be one of the first options you consider. Learn about their advantages and how these can drive the success of your business.

Improved Space and Flexibility with Clear Span Tents

One of the most notable advantages of choosing clear span structures is the space that you will be offered. Clear span frame tents feature no internal center poles, so you can make use of the entire floor plan. This provides significant advantages when compared to the standard pole and tension tents. If you routinely rent tents for large events, then you’ll find that this becomes a major selling point.

Clear Span TentsConsider all of the ways that the lack of any center poles could improve both space and your flexibility to design an interior layout.

  • For events that will include a dance floor or a presentation area, the lack of interior poles will be massively beneficial. You will have more freedom of movement which means that you won’t need to make compromises when it comes to adding special flooring, a stage, or even seating.
  • Events that will feature tables for catering will be easier to plan when you don’t have to consider center poles. Ultimately, you will get more usable floor space which can improve the return on investment. You may even find that you can use a smaller tent than usual for some events, without having to make sacrifices regarding seating or standing capacity.
  • With a lack of center poles, tents are safer and easier to navigate. This makes them competitive with permanent structures, with the key difference being that clear span tents can be erected anywhere that there is enough ground space.

Center poles aren’t always a nuisance. Some smaller events can be easily managed, even with center poles placed inside the structure. However, for scenarios where you need to maximize floor space, convenience, and safety, a clear span structure will always be the better option.

The Modularity of Clear Span Tents

At Anchor Industries, the modular nature of our best tents is a key selling point. We’ve invested countless amounts of time and money into research and development over the last century, creating solutions that can meet the needs of the most demanding event companies, tent rental operators, and commercial entities.

One key area of innovation is in the modularity that we offer with our tents. If you are in the rental business, you need solutions that can meet the demands of a diverse group of clients. If you had to keep a different tent in your inventory to match every possible scenario, you would find that it would become prohibitively expensive to maintain.

We can help to make your business more profitable by offering clear span structures with modular doors, windows, and solid panels. These allow you to customize a basic structure to meet the needs of different clients. You will reduce the number of components that you keep in your inventory, which will ultimately lower your operating costs.

It’s not just the basic style of the components that can be customized. With our tent solutions you can enjoy:

  • Colored panels that allow you to create a unique aesthetic for any event or client.
  • Clear and block out panels to keep events either private and intimate or open to the natural surroundings.
  • Many of our tents can be combined with other structures. For example, if you need to create waiting areas, walkways, or grand entranceways, you can pair clear span tents with our durable marquee tent sections.
  • You can even replace a block out roof with a fully transparent clear roof, allowing you to create the perfect conditions for a starlit evening.

Modularity is key not only to our own success; but also to your success as a tent rental operator. You’ll get more from every tent that you purchase, and you’ll never have to make sacrifices when it comes to meeting the demands of your clients.

Clear Span Tent Cost – Investment and Returns

Clear Span TentHigh-quality clear span tents will often cost more than basic designs with the same floor space. This is something that you will need to consider as you plan the next step for your business.

It’s important to keep perspective here…

  • While a clear span tent might cost more for the initial investment, this will be offset by its flexibility, modularity, and better ability to serve your market niche.
  • Because you can keep fewer tents in your inventory, your overheads will be kept reasonable.
  • Clear span tents are inherently more attractive and desirable than their basic counterparts. This could mean that you are able to command a premium in your marketplace while attracting a more discerning customer base.
  • Anchor Industries tents are made to the highest standards and are designed to last for years without needing servicing or replacement. Durability means that you’ll earn more from every tent you invest in.

Buying any commercial tent is a significant investment. The key is to choose products that will give you more options to improve your income and your standing in your marketplace. Clear span models are amongst the best that you can buy today for business purposes.

The Importance of Choosing a Top Clear Span Tent Manufacturer

Of course, to enjoy all the full benefits of clear span commercial tents, you will need to find a supplier that promises quality and reliability.

Anchor Industries has more than a century of experience making the best temporary structures in the United States. With advanced designs, engineering, and fabrication methods, we ensure the best return on your investment.

Work with a clear tent supplier that you can trust. Anchor Industries offers the solutions that will get your business ahead. Browse all of our lines today and make an investment in the growth and profitability of your tent rental business.