The Unique Benefits of Frame Tents for Commercial Events

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The right venue could make or break a commercial event. While organizers will in many cases choose a permanent structure for event hosting, it’s often more convenient to use a temporary structure, such as a commercial frame tent. At times, a tent may be the only viable solution, especially for trade shows and other similar events that are held outdoors.

If you’re weighing your options for your next event, or even if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a tent rental or event business, knowing the advantages of frame tents will be helpful. By understanding all of the unique benefits, you’ll be able to make the right decision, no matter what kind of event you are hosting.

Flexibility, Space, Aesthetic, and other Advantages of Commercial Frame Tents

Frame tents provide advantages in a few key areas, all of which are beneficial to event professionals, rental companies, and end-users.

A frame tent offers:

  • An ideal footprint without the need for extended staking.
  • Compatibility with commercial flooring.
  • Attractive designs and modularity.
  • Stability, even in less than optimal weather conditions.
  • More usable interior space.

Let’s explore each of these points in more detail…

No More Unsightly Staking with a Commercial Frame Tent

If you’ve ever set up an event with a pole or tension tent, you would have needed to stake the tent to keep it stable. Some tents, like tension tents, incorporate staking as an integral part of the design.

For smaller tents, staking isn’t a big deal, and setup times aren’t bad. However, for larger tents, particularly those used for corporate activities, weddings, and family reunions, etc., staking a tent is time-consuming and cumbersome.

On top of the inconvenience and higher maintenance, some designs require staking with an unreasonably large footprint. This can cause problems depending on the location where the tent will be set up.

If you want the most convenient way to host an event on a flat surface, frame options are far more convenient. Staking is not always required, and when it is, the footprint is typically quite small.

Commercial Flooring Options

High-end events require high-end flooring solutions. For weddings, fundraising events, corporate events, and even trade shows, commercial flooring can make a huge difference inside of a frame tent.

Temporary flooring can simulate the look and feel of a floor inside of a permanent venue. There are options like engineered hardwood, vinyl tiles and planks, and snap-lock portable event flooring.

Flooring will make guests feel more comfortable while improving the overall aesthetic. Special event flooring can even be used to protect the grass underneath the tent, which may be a strict requirement, depending on the location.

Pole tents can also use commercial event flooring, but with center poles, it’s difficult to get a great result. No matter what type of flooring you choose for your next event, it will always look better in a frame tent.

More Beautiful Tents for Events That Stand Out

frame tentsAesthetic beauty is important in the event industry. From wedding ceremonies and receptions to trade shows and corporate events, it’s important to have a tent solution that looks impressive.

An attractive tent will make the day memorable. Most importantly, if you rent tents as a business, the look of your products could determine how satisfied your customers are. At the end of the day, if your customers are impressed by your tents, they’ll generate repeat business and possibly even provide referrals that help you to grow.

There’s no question that frame tents for weddings and other events are attractive. Limited need for staking and guy ropes is one reason for this. Modularity also helps, with the ability to choose different walls and even clear roofing to make a tent unique.

Excellent Stability

Frame tents can withstand wind and rain, so events won’t be compromised when unexpected weather rolls in. Take the Navi-Trac® system as an excellent example. This Anchor Industries frame tent is one of the most innovative options on the market, thanks to features that make it easier to install with reduced labor requirements.

Precision engineering and heavy-duty materials also make the Navi-Trac® system incredibly stable. It meets the ASCE 7-02 code for temporary structures, giving you confidence in high wind conditions. Box beam framing, tensioned fabric, and secured sidewalls all help to keep the tent in place while protecting guests from wind and rain.

Modularity to Create the Perfect Tent for Any Event

Modularity is another key advantage of a frame tent system. When you invest in modular tents, you will be able to get a better return from your investment. You can add walkways and entryways to main structures, or link a complex of frame tents for larger events.

If you’re in the business of tent rental or event management, then this modularity will make your company more agile. You won’t need to turn potential customers away because you will always be able to customize your tents for the needs of each project.

The Best Commercial Frame Tents for Sale

When looking at all of these points, it’s quite obvious that frame tents are ideal for mid and large-sized events. They offer a smaller footprint relative to their size, they are suitable for event flooring, they look great and are modular, and they’re extremely stable. The lack of center poles means that all of the interiors can be utilized without compromise.

Of course, to truly take advantage of all these benefits, you will need to choose a leading frame tent manufacturer. That’s where Anchor Industries comes in.

With over a century of experience in tentmaking, we are America’s experts. Our advanced engineering and materials result in tents that last longer, look better, and outperform the competition. Explore our complete range today and make a lasting investment in commercial frame tents for sale.