Top Tips To Choose Your Wedding Tent

You want your guests to be comfortable whether you are hosting a wedding outdoors or having some other outdoor party. To bring out your style and ensure your guests will fit nicely, it’s crucial to choose the correct tent. For your big day, you’ll need to make sure that all the equipment, vendors, and guests are accommodated under your choice of outdoor covering. To help choose the right party or wedding tent size, here are some factors to consider.

Tent Types

Here are some of the tents to think about if you’re having an outdoor wedding or other event:

  • Wedding canopy tents – If you have a lot of guests, to accommodate the space you will need, canopy tents are perfect.
  • Wedding clear tents – From an “indoor” place, your guests can still enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Century event tents – Transform your party or wedding into a grand event with high peaked tops.
  • Frame tents – If you’re having a lot of people over, to create more space for your guests, these are ideal because there are no center poles to deal with.
  • Additionally, other types include pole tents and marquee tents.

How Big Is Big Enough?

When choosing the size (and type) of the tent, here are some things to think about:

What’s underneath? Where will you locate your vendors? You’ll need enough space under the tent if that’s where they will be located. A larger or separate tent might be needed for a caterer to prepare the meal.

Will your guests be eating? The size of tent required could well depend on whether or not your guests will be fed underneath the tent. Plated meals and buffet meals require different spacing.

How do you envision your event? What do you want to convey with your tent? You might want to consider a number of small tents versus one large tent, depending on your style.

Check the weather. What Mother Nature brings to the table and the location (city, country, etc.) can have everything to do with what kind of tent you’ll need. Is it going to be cold? Your tent should be covered and enclosed with heaters in that case. Are you by a lake and want to feature the view? A clear tent would be a great choice.

Determine the number of guests and venue. Most tents for purposes such as weddings and other outdoor occasions have guidelines as to how many guests will fit under each choice. Remember equipment and vendors as well as guests when you’re counting heads. Be sure to allow enough space for moving around and setting up. Don’t forget to place your restrooms, if any, far away from the tent(s) – particularly if food is involved.

Tension Tents

Our Century and Aurora tension tents can adapt to virtually any event demands and/or configuration. They are characterized by graceful curves and high peaks. Over any tent in the industry, one of the most asked for by name is our Century tents.

Pole Tents

All purpose canopies and other pole tents come in a variety of colors and sizes. They’re perfect for all types of occasions, provide reliable shelter, and add a decor element to the atmosphere. For any event, they also add a traditional look and feel. For your next birthday party, picnic, family reunion, or wedding, you can rely on these party tents to be durable, strong, and meet any occasion’s demand.

Where to Get Quality Tents

At Anchor Industries Inc., we have tents for every occasion. If you have decided to have an outdoor celebration – be it for a wedding or some other event – contact us today. Ask about our Century and Aurora tension tents or our Navi-Trac® frame tents.