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Our heritage as an organization has allowed us to learn for more than 30 years in the design, development and implementation of quality outdoor – indoor solutions for the global market.

We are characterized by being innovative in the market of sun protection and decoration of exteriors supporting us in the course of all these years in the quality, comfort and design as a characteristic that makes us become a leading company, winning many prizes including the National Industrial Design Program.

We hope to continue consolidating ourselves as the best image and recall brand and international market for its innovative designs, service and fulfillment through our associated marketing and distribution system, taking into account the social, labor and environmental commitment.

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Retractable awnings with Imported Dickson waterproof membrane cover and anodized aluminum structure or lacquered finish. Open thanks to its sophisticated torque motor, the membrane is fully tensioned, creating a perfectly smooth surface and an environment protected against inclement weather.

These retractable structures have different ways of installing them, since they can be adapted to all the needs, conditions and requirements of our customers, in a standard way.

FlexiGlass is a totally new concept of Perimetral Enclosure in tempered glass, it closes and opens in the form of an accordion, allowing to enclose or to convert an outer space into interior and vice versa.

Through this unique product, you can maximize the use of the available area and have the option of an open balcony when the weather is nice and sunny.

Infrared electric heater. High-tech remote-controlled heating system, which allows the generation of warm spaces quickly and efficiently, with the great advantage of handling a low-frequency wave.

This product consists of a sturdy and sturdy base or structure with two types of installation one to hang with ceiling tensioners and another with a base to the wall. Its elegant and sophisticated design makes it a piece that can be installed in any place like: houses, apartments, offices, or commercial premises since it is a product intended for commercial and domestic use offering warmth on cold nights.

A water fogger timer can be installed in products such as Pergolam and Pergotek, it has a central computer that is responsible for timing the nebulizations and allows scheduling of the spray cycles offering a warm and refreshing environment where it is used.

Unique LED lighting system in the market since the LED hose. Is completely uniform in its transmission of light and the energy consumption of this product is minimum generating savings for our customers, this product can be used with a dimmer to control the intensity of light and can have in a variety of colors for your lighting.