COVID-19: Using Tents for College Classrooms, Study Halls and Dining Areas

As students and faculty begin returning to their respective colleges and universities this summer and fall, life may be considerably different than what they remember.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many higher education institutions are implementing new precautions to promote social distancing and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which has created a “new normal” across the United States and the world. Just a few of the precautions that some universities and colleges are implementing include mandatory face masks, COVID-19 testing, single-person dorm rooms, meals to go and removing doors from classrooms and offices.

Some colleges are even moving some classrooms, study halls and dining areas to outside tents. Rice University, for example, purchased four large tent structures for these purposes, while Purdue University plans on using tents for “grab-and-go” food services.

Colleges and universities that plan to reopen this fall with in-person classrooms should seriously consider using frame tents for dining areas, classrooms and other functions to limit the spread of COVID-19 and practice social distancing measures.

At Anchor Industries, we’re not just any manufacturer of tents, clear span structures and pool covers. We’ve been in business since 1892 and have developed a reputation as the nation’s leader in engineering and manufacturing the highest-quality tent structures in the world. If you’re considering using tents for college or university classrooms or dining areas this school year, contact Anchor Industries to learn more or contact one of our nationwide suppliers that can assist you with any of your tent rental needs.

Why Using Tents as College Classrooms and Study Halls is a Good Idea

Before COVID-19, it would have seemed unthinkable to employ tent structures to use as outdoor classrooms, study halls or dining areas. But, unfortunately, COVID-19-related numbers are still high. Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in late January, an estimated 4.6 million cases and more than 150,000 deaths in the United States have been reported through July 2020.

To reduce the spread and risk of the coronavirus, companies, businesses and schools can’t function as normal. If collegiate students are returning to campus this fall, consider utilizing outdoor tents as one method to protect them, as well as faculty and other employees and visitors.

At some of the largest universities and colleges, lecture halls are quite large, and desks are bolted to the ground without the ability to move. These areas make social distancing difficult. Our tent suppliers can deliver outdoor tents in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any of your university’s needs.

Tents We Recommend for Colleges and Universities

For tents for colleges and universities, we recommend our line of frame tents and Navi-Trac frame tent systems. If you have any questions about either option, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our tent experts.

Frame Tents

Our selection of frame tents are a great choice for outdoor classrooms, study halls and dining areas because of the versatility and reliability. Because frame tents don’t rely on staking for their structure, they can be set up on concrete, decks, pavement and around obstacles.

Frame tents don’t have center poles, which allow for an open interior so students, faculty and university employees can walk around freely. The tops of these tents are made with mildew-resistant, flame-retardant, vinyl-laminated fabrics that are easy to clean. Installation is a breeze, and our suppliers will have your tent space up before you know it.

Anchor’s frame tents are built to last. They can withstand winds of up to 50 to 70 mph, and they come in all lengths and widths so you’ll have no trouble accommodating everyone while providing the space they need for social distancing.

Navi-Trac Frame Tent System

Anchor’s Navi-Trac tents are the most versatile track frame tent system we offer. Navi-Trac tents are durable and meet ASCE 7-02 codes for temporary buildings.

Anchor’s Navi-Trac tents come in widths of 30, 40 and 50 feet with the option of 10, 15 and 20 feet mid panels. Navi-Track’s spacious interior and interchangeable design provide universities and colleges with unlimited lengths and options to create the space they need.

The Navi-Trac Lite, meanwhile, is a smaller, fully engineered frame tent that converts to a clear span structure by changing baseplates and adding cables. The Navi-Trac Lite Bow Marquee easily connects walkways between tents and structures.

Choose an Anchor Tent for Your College or University

During these unprecedented times, people, businesses and universities are looking for ways to live a more normal life while practicing social distancing and other safety measures. If you’re a college president or administrator who is looking for tents this fall to accommodate students and faculty, contact Anchor Industries, or reach out to one of our hundreds of nationwide suppliers.