Which Tent is Right for Your Business: Exploring Your Options with Anchor Industries

Commercial tents can help you to run your business more effectively and efficiently. Whether you need tents for hosting events, storage, or staff gatherings, choosing the perfect tent for your needs should be a top priority.

There’s no shortage of selection when it comes to modern tents. Options range from clear top tents for unique entertainment events, all the way to heavy-duty clear span tents suitable for long term storage and warehousing.

Take a look at some of the most popular clear span designs from Anchor Industries and make the right investment.

Venue Series for Clear Top Tents and More

The Anchor Industries Venue Series is the perfect choice if you want to be able to offer gorgeous clear span tents to your clients. The venue series is suitable for weddings, high-end corporate events, small entertainment events, and private parties.

This series is highly configurable with widths ranging from 9M to 18M, and uprights come standard in either 3M or 4M configuration.

Tents can be produced with full graphic services, allowing you to add branding to your inventory. You can order the Venue series with solid walls, cathedral windows, and clear vinyl walls. If you want to create events that are unforgettable, consider buying Venue clear top tents for sale.

Event Series Tents from Anchor Industries

The Venue Series is a great introduction to the clear span market, but, the configurations might be just a little undersized compared to what you’re looking for. If you want to put on the largest and most memorable events for festivals, mega-corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows, fundraisers, and much more, you could consider the Event Series instead.

Highly presentable and manufactured using the highest quality aluminum and vinyl/fabric materials, the Event Series is for demanding hiring and event management scenarios.

Widths are configurable from 10M up to 25M, while uprights are offered in standard 3M, 3.5M, and 4M heights.

You can use the Event Series with industry flooring systems for true upscale events. Colored fabrics, clear top tent configurations, and graphic printing are also available.

Expo Series Tents from Anchor and Röder

If you really need to step up your game with some of the most extravagant clear span tents in the industry, the Expo Series would be a good starting point. The expo series offers yet more space and customization options to suit even the largest events. Standard widths are 20M and 30M. If you need something special, you can talk to the team at Anchor. Our engineers have decades of collective experience, and we can design bespoke solutions to meet your business needs.

The Expo Series can be fitted with glass windows and hard walls for long term installation. You can expand vertically with a 2-story design that will give you more space over your standard footprint.

Solution Series Temporary Structures Without Compromises

Do you need temporary structures for long term installation? For a long-running trade show, a temporary retail space, extra corporate space, or even storage space, you can rely on the Solution Series from Anchor Industries.

These clear span structures are highly customizable and can be made to order. Standard widths range from 10M to 30M, and you can choose the perfect length to suit your needs on-site.

Clear Span Structures Are More Than Just Clear Top Tents

Our clear span solutions go beyond the average frame tent. They’re sturdier, more visually impressive, and they can be configured to meet your business needs. The highest quality components and materials will ensure a long return on your investment. If you love the aesthetic of frame clear top tents but want a solution that is more stable and impressive, then clear span structures are for you.

Trust the industry’s leading tent and temporary structure manufacturer. Contact Anchor Industries to learn more about our products and find your nearest representative.