Workplace Social Distancing Best Practices

Workplace social distancing has become an essential part in many companies with the current pandemic still running rampant. Covered outdoor operations are possible for some industries and businesses but not at all appropriate for others. If you have a business that must operate indoors, how can you protect your employees/customers to the best of your abilities? In many cases, clear shields are being installed to separate individuals and help keep them healthier.

Below, to help bring social distancing to your business/place of employment, we’re offering an effective rollout plan.

Make Clear Your Expectations

What does keeping your employees safe entail? Ask yourself the following:

  • What habits need to change? Who will these changes affect?
  • What physical modifications or policy changes need to be made?
  • Regarding workplace distancing, what are OSHA, WHO, and CDC guidelines?

The answers to those questions basically define Phase 1 of your rollout plan. You must set expectations, procedures, etc. before employees can abide by them.

Expectation Communication

Across your workforce, consistently and broadly communicate social distancing expectations. Allow no misunderstanding or confusion.

  • For all employees, provide suggestions and reminders.
  • Wherever changes are in effect, post rules and signage.
  • Group meetings and one-on-one chats should be hosted by department heads.
  • To all employees, email social distancing guidelines and expectations.

Adopting new social distancing guidelines, and breaking old habits in the process, will take some time. By frequently and clearly communicating new expectations, you can remove friction and tension. This will help expedite the process. Be positive, consistent, and communicative.

Workplace Configuring

Changes in the workplace will include physical examples. Employees will change as the workplace around them changes.

  • Implement new utilization requirements and occupancy thresholds.
  • In the workplace, eliminate bottlenecks by creating one-way traffic.
  • In common areas, promote social distance through amenities and the rearranging of furniture.
  • Using social distancing best practices, develop an office seating chart.

Protocols for Social Distancing

Education will be key here regarding the following:

  • While staying mindful of distance, while in the workplace, consider new ways to interact.
  • To replace in-person interactions, develop new technology solutions.
  • In a socially distanced workplace, for collaboration, find alternative opportunities.
  • Best practices for using shared workspaces and communal areas.

The Final Phase – Promoting Accountability

Though it is not advisable or desirable, you may notice a certain level of rebellion (be it intentional or unintentional) regarding new policies for social distancing. An extremely volatile atmosphere exists today regarding the pandemic and other social/political topics. To encourage the adoption of new policies, reinforce their importance rather than punishing noncompliance whenever possible.

Products to Assist with Social Distancing

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