Workplace Tent Solutions for Meals and Breaks

Tents for employee breakrooms

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way of life for many people, including those who work at and patronize businesses and restaurants. A “new normal” has emerged during this health crisis, and business owners continue to look for ways to keep customers and employees safe while following COVID-19-related guidelines.

One popular option that we’ve seen throughout the country in recent months is the increased use of tents to provide additional space for people to promote social distancing and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Hospitals and medical facilities, for example, have used Anchor Industries’ tents to provide additional testing and treatment areas away from the main hospital.

This idea has since stretched to other industries across America. Some restaurants, grocery stores, factories and large box stores are now using large clear span structures and frame tents to provide alternative breakrooms for employees to eat lunch, dinner or just relax in a safe environment. If you’re a business owner looking for such a space, contact the tent pros at Anchor Industries today. Anchor Industries has been in business for more than a century and is America’s most trusted manufacturer of quality tent structures.

Benefits of Using Clear Span Structures as Employee Breakrooms

Almost all businesses offer an area for employees to take breaks during their work shift. Typically, these spaces are small, and it’s difficult to prevent the spread of germs and follow social distancing guidelines that local or state governments have enacted.

A temporary tent from Anchor Industries provides the space needed for employees to safely take break time. Some of the benefits of using a clear span structure for an employee breakroom include:

Versatile and long lasting

We have several models of clear span structures that are a great option for long-term usage. These durable tents are manufactured to last and can be used for up to several months until COVID-19 conditions improve.

Accessories and options

Your employees don’t have to miss out on any of the luxuries they enjoy in their indoor breakroom. Anchor’s line of clear span structures comes with several options, including hard and glass walls, custom design capabilities, color choices for fabrics and double-door units. You can also add lighting and an HVAC option.

Range of sizes

Our inventory comes in all sizes to accommodate as many – or as few – employees that need to use the space. For companies with dozens or hundreds of employees, we will provide a temporary tent that fits them all, while promoting the six-foot social distancing rule.

The best engineering

Clear span structures are our most sought-after inventory for a reason. Made with an aluminum frame, these tents are built to last. Clear span structures don’t have interior poles, so employees can move about easily and freely around the tent while they’re on break.

Weather resistant

Part of the reason clear span tents are great for long-term installation is because of their weather-resistant qualities. Clear span structures can hold up in winds of up to 60 mph. Tents can come with a side wall for even more protection from the rain and increased privacy for your employees.

Benefits of Frame Tents

Frame tents offer many of the same amenities as clear span structures. Because there are no interior poles, your space will have an open feel to it with no obstructions. No staking is involved in the installation of Anchor’s frame tents, so they can be set up on pavement, concrete or decks. 

  • Our Navi-Trac Frame Tent System consists of a modular construction, which allows fabric panels to slide through channeled beams. This makes installation quick and simple. Navi-Trac tents are versatile and come with a smooth, weather-tight fit.
  • Anchor’s selection of Fiesta Frame Tents, meanwhile, are easy to install and are manufactured with mildew-resistant, flame-retardant, vinyl-laminated fabrics. These tents are beautiful and are easy to install and clean.

Contact Anchor Industries for Your Business’ Tent Needs

At Anchor Industries, we understand that many company owners are facing challenges in light of COVID-19, and we want to help. We’ve been manufacturing tents since 1892, and we’re confident our high-quality tent structures will help your business navigate these uncertain times. If you need to rent a tent for additional space to provide employees with a breakroom, contact one of Anchor’s dealers today.