Industry Leader in Safety Pool Covers

Anchor Industries, Inc. has been the leading innovator of safety pool covers for more than 40 years. We utilize cutting-edge technology and proven safety features to protect you and your swimming space. In today’s era of creatively designed pools, custom and irregularly shaped pool covers are an Anchor specialty.

Picking a Safety Cover That Is Right for YOU

Your preferences are important to us. Do you winterize your pool with a mesh safety cover? Do you prefer the super dependable protection of solid pool covers? Anchor Industries proudly offers our customers the very best product lines for these various cover materials. We’re here to satisfy your style preferences without ever sacrificing the homeowner’s safety.

Choosing the right custom pool cover for your home depends largely on what aesthetic and functional criteria you have for your pool cover. Swimming pool covers help with maintenance, keep the water free of debris and protect children and others from accidentally falling into the water.

Solid pool covers

Solid custom pool covers are ideal for providing both safety precautions and protection for your swimming pool from debris. Our Anchor Industries Classic Solid Safety Pool Cover and 5-Star Solid Safety Pool Cover are made from 14 ounces vinyl-coated fabric, providing smooth surfaces that protect your pool and allow for easy debris removal. These super strong fabrics resist tears, rips, sun damage and the effects of chlorine while blocking all sunlight from a pool.

This feature also inhibits algae growth, ensures incredibly easy cleanup in the spring and helps keep the pool area attractive all year. Our solid covers are also treated with antimicrobials to resist mold and mildew growth and the prevalence of odor-causing germs. Each of these swimming pool covers is relatively easy to install and remove. Plus, both the Classic Pool Cover and the 5-Star Pool Cover come with a limited 10-year warranty.

Mesh pool covers

Mesh safety covers stretch across your entire pool and protect it and your kids from falling in. Both our Anchor Mesh Safety Pool Cover and Defender Mesh Safety Pool Covers are lighter in weight and easier to handle and store than solid covers. The Defender Mesh pool cover is designed to reduce chemical loss from pool water, block debris from entering the water and keep kids or animals from falling in. Another benefit of mesh pool covers is they are self draining, removing water from the cover all winter long.

Turnkey Replacement Program

If you are in need of a replacement safety cover, our team at Anchor Industries can make the process easy and hassle-free. We provide a turnkey replacement cover program through our dealers, which means we supply the container to ship the cover back to us, shipping labels and hassle-free processing.  We measure the existing cover for size, shape and construction — saving you time and money.

Homeowners, locate a dealer near you and ask them about Anchor’s replacement program!

Anchor replaces thousands of safety covers each year, including:

  • Free-form, custom pool covers
  • Solid covers
  • Mesh covers
  • Anchor covers
  • Virtually all competitors’ covers

With no hidden add-on or duplication fees, we believe the turnkey Anchor Replacement Safety Pool Cover Program is the easiest and best in the industry.

For residential and commercial custom safety covers for pools that are easy to install, provide water safety and help to maintain a clean-to-pristine pool for spring openings, Anchor Industries is here to help. With more than 40 years of experience in the business, it’s easy to see why customers across the U.S. turn to us for safety pool covers.

Contact Anchor today to order a safety cover!