Mesh Safety Pool Covers

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Anchor Mesh Safety Pool Covers are made of durable polypropylene fabric and are a popular option for cost conscious homeowners. The Anchor Mesh covers are also a favorite for large commercial pools because it is lighter in weight than Defender Mesh.

One great feature about the Anchor Mesh covers is that it’s self-draining. There is no need for a drain panel or a pump in the middle of your pool. When it’s time to put your safety cover away, our brass anchors are worry free and recess flush with the deck!


Commercial Mesh

Commercial Safety Pool Covers can be made from Anchor Mesh or Defender Mesh fabric. Anchor manufacturers Commercial covers to fit any in-ground pool, regardless of shape or size. Designed to exact specifications, Anchor’s safety pool covers are preferred by municipalities, waterparks, hotels, country clubs and resorts all over the world. Special designs for water features, diving boards, slice, etc. are no problem for Anchor.

Charcoal Grey Defender Mesh #7

Defender® Mesh

Defender Mesh Safety Pool Covers are made from a heavier tight-weave poly fabric that blocks up to 98% of sunlight. By blocking nearly all UV rays, the patented fabric inhibits algae growth and minimizes debris entering the water to present a clean-to-pristine pool upon opening in the spring. Because of the tight-weave, chemical loss is reduced from pool water!

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Safety Spa Covers are manufactured for virtually all spas; including raised, in-ground, spas integrated with a pool and almost everything in between. Made from the same high-quality mesh and solid vinyl coated fabrics as Anchor’s pool covers.

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Safety Pool Cover Remake Program

Ready to upgrade to an Anchor Safety Pool Cover? Anchor Outdoor replaces thousands of pool covers each year including: custom pool shapes, solid covers, mesh covers, and competitors’ covers.