Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Hotels & Resorts

Looking for a trusted provider of tents, shelters or pool covers for your hotel or resort business? Anchor Industries will help you with that. We are a team of professionals known for providing quality fabric products made for every person or business that needs tents and frames. We make sure that our products meet your company’s values, strategies, purposes, and goals.


Hotels are places that provide sleeping accommodations to its customers. Some may provide meals for travelers, others don’t. There are also other services being offered by this lodging option to their guests. A resort, on the other hand, is a common place for leisure and relaxation. Put together, these form the name hotels and resorts, whose main services are to provide accommodations, amenities and activities for their patrons.

Hotels and resorts need tents and shelters in order to enhance their accommodation. Nowadays, a lot of people, most especially families or a group of friends, are into glamping. Instead of bringing a tent with them to their chosen destination, they definitely want the idea of having a tent already provided for them. Add to that, these businesses are also using pool covers to transform the pool area into a fascinating events place. Others simply use them in order to keep the pool water clean and safe, ready for next use.


Here are some of the popular tents, shelters, and products that are perfect for hotels and resorts:

  • Mesh Safety Covers. These are made of lightweight fabric, which are perfect for protecting kids from falling into the pool. There are also those designed to reduce possible chemical loss from pool water. These are self-draining, having the capacity to remove water from the cover when it is winter.
  • Solid Custom Pool Covers. These ones are custom-made to fit the pool size and to meet customer expectations. They ensure easy cleanup by inhibiting algae growth from the pool. They resist sun damage, rips, tears, and the effects of chlorine.
  • Cone-Shaped Teepees. These are portable Mongolian round tents that are basically covered with skins. They were originally used by Native Americans.
  • Dome Tents. These come with sheets of fabric that are used to cover the area. These are popular for camping, and now, glamping.


At Anchor Industries, we value the business relationship that we build with our customers. For more than 12 decades, we are known for our products’ aesthetics and quality, which has been our company’s standard throughout the years. We carry top of the line choices for event planners, restaurateurs, and hotels and resorts owners. We also believe in the importance of providing high-quality and durable products to our customers. We do that through the excellent craftsmanship of our workers, and with the rugged engineering technologies that we make use of

We have a long history to back us up, and a huge customer base that we have developed all throughout our century’s old existence. We help improve your business practices, as you expand your new markets, while you also help us become more prominent in our chosen endeavor. That is how we build partnerships with our clients.

For more information about Anchor Industries™ products for hotels and resorts, feel free to contact us today.