Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Architects

At Anchor Industries, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality shades, canopies, awnings, event tents, and clear span structures to improve the aesthetic of your home or commercial space whilst providing reliable shelter against unexpected changes in weather.


An architect is an important part of any construction team. They are the minds behind both the superstructure and construction process of any building project, as well as the de facto leader of the team. Yet, coming up with these designs and blueprints require architects to travel to the very locations their projects are being built, or sometimes, more temporary structures are called for. At the end of the day, architects require tools and temporary structures for the pursuit of their craft, which Anchor Industries can provide at the most competitive rates.


As an architect, you might need a temporary shelter to do up plans on-site. That is where our tents can come in handy. We offer frame tents, track frame tents, tension tents and pole tents. Depending on your situation, any one of these could work for you and your team.

We also manufacture clear span structures. Clear span structures give architects a new basis and freedom to expand structural boundaries and house all kinds of events. With these, it becomes possible to cover up a completely open space with high vaulted ceilings to guard against the weather, without the need for additional structural support. It does not have to be temporary either, Anchor Industries’ clear span structures are built tough and extremely customizable, allowing architects to change layouts in between major events in very long stretches of time. Building with high span structures is also much cheaper than traditional building types. The concept was practiced during Südpack 2014 by Opera GmbH & Co. KG in Ochsenhausen, Germany to great effect. Anchor Industries offers a special double decker series as well, allowing architects to construct two-story clear span structures and save space.

We also manufacture canopies and cabanas that can be installed in residential or commercial gardens or pools for both aesthetics and functionality. These are long-lasting solutions and are extremely customizable to your needs or that of a client. Consider including these in building plans to impress your clients.


We have been making products in the U.S. since 1892. Our team has the experience in dealing with frame and fabrics and we continuously strive to make use of modern advances in fabric technology and frame engineering to build high-quality and durable products. Anchor Industries brands such as Century® and Navi-Trac® are greatly respected and are an easy choice for event planners when they are looking for only the best. Many organizations, including the U.S. Military, rely on our precision engineered and professionally crafted fabric items and structures to run their events and operations, trusting the reliability of our products and satisfied with high returns on investment.

For more information about Anchor Industries™ products for architects, feel free to contact us today.