High Quality Clear Span Structures

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Clear Span Structures

Clear span structures provide an excellent solution for event hosting that is more weather resistant than regular tents. They are suitable for anything from hosting huge weddings to offering covered paths from an event center to the driveway due to their robust structural components and full protection.

We provide the most extensive range of clear span structures that are code-compliant. This significant success is the result of German design and engineering expertise mixed with Anchor’s well-known engineering and sales teams, lean production techniques, distribution, and unrivaled service.

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Clear Span Structures Features and Benefits

  • Walkways and structures for small gatherings
  • Commercial structures
  • Versatile and durable
  • Multi-story structures
  • Long-term structures
  • Available with a wide variety of options and accessories
  • Customizable designs
  • Color choices

If you have any questions about ordering our Clear Span Structures, feel free to contact us today.

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Introducing the VXN

The VXN brings the industry a more versatile small profile Clear Span. It is available in widths from 3M, 6M, 9M, 12M, and 15M. It boasts upright capabilities of 3M and 4M without requiring ridge struts or knee braces. The VXN’s design allows for both 3M and 5M bays, reducing framework needs for longer structures, making it well-suited for events, commercial, and industrial use. It showcases superior engineering, enabling new possibilities without constraints. Certified to ASCE 7-16 on all widths at 4M uprights, except 15M. Its aluminum weldments reduce labor and transportation costs while maintaining functionality and aesthetics. Anchor is thrilled to bring this new Clear Span to the market. Call today to speak with your sales rep.

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Event Series

The Event Series is perfect to be used in many events, such as meetings, corporate functions, weddings, parties, and company hospitality areas at sporting events. It can also be used to add space to resort facilities and country clubs. As an all-purpose clear span, the Event Series is a great way to add space for warehousing and storage purposes during events. You can rest assured knowing that the Event Series meets safety standards as it is certified to ASCE 7-16. Enjoy a great degree of customization with the Event Series as there are many great choices of accessory options and fabric color choices to choose from.

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Expo Series

The next step up from the Event Series is the Expo Series. The popular Anchor/Röder Structures Expo Series is a great option when large structures are needed for any type of special event such as corporate hospitality, meetings, and sporting events. It is also suitable for commercial applications such as trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, parties, and warehousing. The Expo Series also includes Double Decker tents for sporting events and special applications where space requirements and/or viewing opportunities are crucial.


Venue Series

The Venue Series is ideal to be used for events that need clear span, whether it is for the short term or long term. Rest assured that the Venue Series meets safety standards as it is certified to ASCE 7-16. There are many accessory options to pick from and create a unique covering for your event. With the Venue Series, you get to enjoy a high degree of personalization as you can choose between many fabric colors and whether you want a bodega with or without overhang. In addition, we also house a professional team of experienced graphic designers who provide full graphics services to help you create your unique graphics.

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F-Line Series

Are you looking for a straight-lined tent for an event that requires a great amount of space? Our F-Line Series are ideal for any large event space, such as storage of equipment for assembly and production, as well as vehicle parking space for a large number of event attendees, and are a versatile way to transform any outdoor space into a temporary event venue with our extensive customization options, including accessory options and fabric color options.

The F-Line Series has a width of 30 to 60m, expands in 5m modules, and is ASCE 7-10 rated, making it a durable, safe, and versatile event tentage solution. This straight-lined tent gives an uninterrupted view of the event space without the need for any support from poles in the middle, allowing you to optimize the space for your needs. When paired with exceptional engineering and distinctive design capabilities by our in-house designers, our F-Line Series can provide solutions for a wide range of event requirements. To guarantee that your event stands out from the crowd, our professional designers will create distinctive graphic designs for you. Furthermore, our fabric selection is flame retardant in accordance with industry standards and safety regulations. We are confident that our material choices will result in the best-looking product for your occasion.

Choosing a F-Line clear span structure will make a beautiful scene with the perfect location, and create a fantastic mood for your event, regardless of day or night. Click on the link below to learn more about our F-Line Series.