Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Awning Dealers

At Anchor Industries, we manufacture frame and fabric products of all makes and build. We prepare all kinds of high-quality awnings, event tents, shades, canopies, and even clear span structures to improve the aesthetics of commercial stores and homes, all while providing protection against the weather.


Awning dealers deal in what we often overlook when going about our daily lives. Awnings are the retractable overhangs you see storefronts and occasionally homes use. As unrecognized as these small fittings are, they undoubtedly have a purpose to serve in stopping the sun, wind, or rain, extending the spaces that people desperately need for outdoor meals, events or just shade. With a little more creativity, awnings can be designed to enhance the aesthetics of your storefront or home, and it is these awnings and more that Anchor Industries can provide.


Toscana by Anchor Industries has come up with a revolutionary solution: Retractable LED lit Pergolas. These feature PERG HEAT and PERG COOL systems alongside PERG LED’s, giving your clients both aesthetics and functionality. Functionality in the sense that no matter what season or time of the year, they will be able to rest under the pagoda and enjoy true comfort.

The EZ Connect Frame System is one of Anchor’s newest innovations in awning frames. Made from specially crafted aluminum tubing ideal for easy transportation, the awning frames are shipped unassembled for lower costs and less storage space. Savings are projected to be around 14%-53% in freight costs. At the end of the road, installation is simple. The tubing connects easily in sections, removing the hassle of having to handle one giant frame, and for no loss in durability either.

Anchor Industries’ other awnings and canopies are said to combine functional excellence with decorative charm. There are many benefits in installing awnings and canopies, but Anchor awnings and canopies assure you quality craftsmanship, and allow for more customized designs to suit your needs or that of your client. Anchor Industries’ Residential Awnings and Fiesta Patio Canopies protect you from the weather, enhances the look of your home and ultimately adds to its overall value, while our Commercial Awnings will go further by enhance your business.


Anchor Industries has been operating in the U.S. since 1892. We have the necessary experience in dealing with frame and fabrics, derived from decades of service and manufacturing. Throughout the years, we make it a point to make use of new advances in fabric technology and frame engineering to build even better and more durable products, so that we never fall behind. Our brands like Century® and Navi-Trac® are well-respected across many fields and are an easy choice for clients. Many other organizations including the U.S. Military, trust the reliability of our products and are satisfied with their returns on investment, often relying on our specially engineered and well-crafted fabric products and structures to run their events and operations.

For more information about Anchor Industries™ products for awning dealers, feel free to contact us today.