Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Church

At Anchor Industries, we understand our customer’s preferences and needs across different markets. Having a wide range of experience across different markets, we can provide the best solution depending on which market you’re in. With our dedicated sales staff, we ensure you make the most informed decision and purchase the best product solution


Churches may need to use a variety of different tentage products depending on their needs. For example, they may have outdoor activities during special holidays like Easter and Christmas Day. This means they will need a shelter during those events to hose people. Sometimes they may have charity drives and require many different tentages for different use. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging globally, churches may also require a tentage to screen for people to ensure that they reduce the possibility of virus transmission. Some churches also have offices and may have to enforce social distancing regulations. Hence, some product solutions needed may involve dividers and so on to ensure that safe distancing is adhered to.


  • Tents
    At Anchor Industries, we provide a wide range of event tents. Whether you’re looking for tents for church wide events such as festivals, picnics, weddings and so on, you’ll be delighted to know that our tents can be installed convenient and easily. It can serve a wider range of functions and church applications, day, and night. It also adds an aesthetic value to your church. Whether you’re looking for pole tents or frame tents, there is definitely a tent solution just for you.
  • Tent Accessories
    We have a wide range of tent accessories to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance the structural component of your tent or to beautify it, we have the right accessory just for you.
  • Shades
    Our shade structures offer good protection against the sun. Whether it’s parks, pool decks or playgrounds, we offer retractable umbrellas to complement your shade structure.
  • Awnings
    Awnings can increase functionality and add value to your church outdoor look by providing protection against weather for your outdoor areas.
  • Toscana Pergola
    Toscana pergolas are retractable structures that can be installed differently depending on the requirements, needs and conditions of the customers. Every Toscana pergola can be personalized to fit your church’s needs. They make a good outdoor space for people to enjoy the sun while having protection over the rain and so forth.
  • Clear Span Structures
    For churches, clean span structures come in handy when they need something to elevate the space and offer a more robust protection against the weather compared to traditional tents. With stable structural parts, it provides holistic protection and is great for hosting church weddings as it can cover over a big area. At Anchor Industries, we provide great distribution services and manufacturing practices.


At Anchor Industries, we provide a wide range of products for your church needs. With durable products, you can be assured we deliver professionally crafted fabric products for the smooth running of your church activities.
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