Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Retail Sector

Selling consumer goods can be exasperating during the pandemic. With health and safety protocols being imposed on everyone, it seems like it is impossible to continue doing business without getting the virus. The good news is, there is a way you can protect your retail establishment, while also ensuring that your customers are safe as they do business with you. Our tents, shelters, and other products at Anchor Industries will be of great help.


Referred to as the process of selling consumer goods and services to customers, retail businesses are made to satisfy the ongoing demand of consumers. The retailer makes it a point that the supply chain is fulfilled by filling in every customer’s order using multiple channels of distribution. This, in turn, gives the business its profit. Common goods being sold in retail are grocery items, food, clothing, and anything needed by people for everyday consumption.

During this very difficult time, retailers need to make strategic-level decisions to maintain their respective customer bases. Most have turned to online selling and delivering orders right to their customer’s doorsteps. Others still operate daily but needed to add some safety measures to keep themselves from getting sick. This is where the importance of tent and shelters come in.


It takes years and experience to perfect innovative tent designs for customers. Depending on the needs of clients, we at Anchor Industries make it a point that all our products have met industry standards. For retail businesses, here are some of the popular tents and shelters that you can make use of:

  • Instant Canopies/Pop-Up Tents. Portable and affordable, these are the most easy-to-use shelter solutions that retail businesses can make use of. They are perfect for mobile operations like trade fairs, and marketplaces. They are compact and can be folded down so that they can be easily transferred from one place to another.
  • Inflatable Tents. These are tents that can be used for any space. They do not come with material frames since the concept for these ones is to use pressurized air so that they can stand up straight right where you are going to use them. They come in fancy, creative sizes, and shapes, giving the business more appeal to attract more customers.
  • Event Tents. These come in many forms including, extra-large crests, pinnacle marquees, and pavilion tents. They are perfect for stores that have no space restrictions. Pinnacle marquees and pavilion tents are the same in terms of structure with those of pop-up tents. Their only difference is that they have bigger roof areas than the latter. Extra-large crests, on the other hand, have a modular design, making them expandable depending on how small or large the event is.


Anchor Industries has been in the business of fabricating tents for more than a century. At that age, our customers are sure that we have nothing but their best interest in mind. We do that by engineering products according to the client’s requirements. We make it a point that our products have a competitive edge over others in the same business. We grow partnerships and value them for a lifetime.

For more information about Anchor Industries™ products for the retail industry, feel free to contact us today.