Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Special Events

Anchor Industries specializes in providing the best tentage solutions. At Anchor Industries, we provide the most relevant product solutions for your business needs to establish you beyond your competitors. Whether you’re looking for shades, awnings, Toscana pergolas or tents, we have a wide variety of product solutions for you if you’re working in the special events industry.


Within the special events industry, tents and shades are often used. This is because there may be certain outdoor areas that may need protection from the sun or other weather elements, such as the rain. Hence, people working in the special events industry need the most durable and reliable tent solutions to ensure that their special events run smoothly. At Anchor Industries, our dedicated sales and service staff will guide you to choosing the most optimal product solution for the special event you are hosting.


  • Tents
    Our tents are highly regarded in the special events industry as they provide a high level of durability and reliability. As you will not want your special events to be ruined because of poor weather, we provide the right tent product solutions just for you. Made form unique fabric, our tents protect your guests from harmful UV rays from the sun while protecting them from the rain too. Customizable to fit your business goals, you will be spoilt for choice as our tents provide durable shelter during your special events.
  • Tent Accessories
    Our tent accessories provide much reinforcement for our tents and enables you to bring out the best function of our tents. You can choose from a wide array of tent accessories available just for you.
  • Shades
    At Anchor Industries, we pride ourselves in being the leading shades provider and manufacturer. Whether you’re looking for canopies or umbrellas to provide shelter for your special events, you will be hearted to know that we provide customizable shades for you as our shades come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
  • Awnings
    Our awnings provide quality shelter against harsh weather elements, such as the sun’s UV rays or even the rain. Find a way to elevate your space during your special events with our awnings.
  • Toscana Pergola
    Our pergolas are retractable shelters and come in different styles to also embellish your special events area. With much versatility, you can set yourself apart from your competitors by using our pergolas.
  • Clear Span Structures
    Our clean span structure can be used both for long term and short-term special events. Whether you’re looking for shelter over a large area for hospitality or corporate meetings for your special events, our clear span structures will be your go-to solution. Our clear span structures also provide shelter for functional storage spaces for your special events.


At Anchor Industries, we work closely with special events companies to provide the best shelter solutions for them. With many years of experience, we provide a wide range of product solutions to ensure your special events run smoothly.

If you have any questions about our tent products for special event companies, feel free to contact us today.