Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Sports Complexes

At Anchor Industries, we provide a wide range of tent products to ensure you are able to find your preferred option for a variety of applications. As we are highly reputable in the US, you will be glad to know you are working with the leading tent product manufacturer in the industry. With our dedicated sales service, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with what we have to offer to you.


Sports complexes require a variety of tentage solutions. This is especially true as most of the outdoor activities are in the sun and hence, it is crucial for sports complexes to have a variety of tentages to ensure guests and employees are protected from the harmful rays of UV. As most sports complexes also have most activities outdoor, its important to have a variety of tentages to protect guests from harsh weather conditions, such as rain and so forth.


  • Tents
    Our tents are made with the highest workmanship as our manufacturing team has decades of experience in tent making. Our tents are able to provide durable and reliable shelter for sports complexes. With great design and quality, we help to boost the aesthetic value of your sports complexes with a variety of tent styles. We have a variety of tents, such as frame tents, track frame tents and so on for your sports complex needs. For example, our frame tents can be built on pavements and concrete and is made of flame-retardant vinyl laminated fabric. Our track frame tent are easily installable and can be assembled conveniently.
  • Tent Accessories
    At Anchor Industries, we provide a wide range of tent accessories to reinforce your business needs. They are also highly versatile in many different applications, especially in sports complexes.
  • Pool Covers
    Our pool covers provide much needed UV protection. With a variety of pool covers available, you can choose from our retractable or non-retractable versions. They are highly durable and are highly useful in swimming pools and sports complexes. We provide pool covers as permanent structures in breathable mesh and fabric top options.
  • Shades
    Our shades are highly versatile in various applications. By providing protection against water and the sun’s UV rays, you can be rest assured that your sports complexes will benefit from our wide range of shades options.
  • Awnings
    Our awnings provide much needed shade and protection from the sun. It also serves to elevate certain spaces within your sports complex and beautify the area.
  • Toscana Pergola
    Our pergolas are retractable, providing much necessary shade in outdoor areas while adding an aesthetic value to your sports complex.
  • Clear Span Structures
    Our clean span structures are highly versatile and offer durable and reliable shades across big areas. You are guaranteed to enjoy our clean span structures options.


It’s essential for sports complexes to have a variety of shelter options, especially against the sun. Our products are able to provide a versatile mix of quality and brilliant service and leave you satisfied.

If you have any questions about our tent products for sports complexes, feel free to contact us today.